Your browser also has a location toolbar. This toolbar contains a text box.  A text box is a white box where you can type things.

All browsers have a location toolbar:

Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome

The location toolbar does two things:  First, it tells you the URL of the web page you are looking at.  Second, it lets you go to different web page by typing in a new URL and hitting the "Enter" key.

An URL is the address of a web page.  URL is pronounced "earl" and stands for Uniform Resource Locator.  Most URLs--but not all--begin with the letters "www".  This stands for "World Wide Web".  The World Wide Web is what most people mean when they say "the Internet".  It's the part of the Internet that can be used with the help of a browser.

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Glossary of terms used so far:
  • browser - A computer program that helps people use the Internet.
  • click - To quickly press and release the left mouse button.
  • drag - To move an onscreen object by putting the pointer over it, holding the mouse button down, and moving the pointer.
  • Google Chrome - A browser.
  • Internet Explorer - A browser.
  • location toolbar - The browser toolbar that contains a text box for locating web pages.
  • navigation toolbar - The browser toolbar that contains the "Back" and "Forward" buttons.
  • Mozilla Firefox - A browser.  Firefox is an updated version of Netscape Navigator.
  • pointer - The little arrow that moves around the computer screen when the mouse is moved.
  • Safari - A browser.
  • scroll - To move a web page up and down on the computer screen.
  • scroll bar - A bar that appears at the edge of the computer screen when a web page is too large to fit on the screen.
  • slider - Part of a scroll bar; the box that moves up and down as a web page is scrolled.
  • text box - A white box that you can type things into.
  • toolbar - A group of tools to help you use the Internet.  Toolbars are part of a browser.
  • URL - The address of a web page.  Pronounced "earl," URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator.
  • web page - A computer file that looks like a printed page when viewed with a browser.
  • web site - A group of related web pages.
  • World Wide Web - The part of the Internet that can be viewed with a browser.