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by Kenneth Oppel
        Taking you aboard an airship Aurora, you travel with Matt Cruse as he unravels his destination, event by event, while this artful writer keeps you on the edge of your seat through it all.
        Rescuing a dying balloonist, reading a strange journal, meeting a curious woman named Miss de Vries, Matt thinks he’s seen it all… Until he is ensnared on a strange island, fights murderous pirates, loses his desired position as sail maker, and find the truth to whether there truly are cloud cats (a type of flying mammal). When he finds a hydrium pit life doesn’t seem as bleak anymore. A race occurs that only the pirates know of: will the crew finish pumping hydrium into the Aurora before the pirates arrive to obliterate the hard work of the crew? Matt is forced to fight for his freedom, and very possibly, his life!
        Will Matt accept his role and put his worries to rest? Help Matt overcome old fears, and follow him to do things he never thought he’d do.
Reviewed by D.M.  1/19/2007

Alex Rider #4: Eagle Strike
by Anthony Horowitz
        If you like action packed books, friends coming together to stop evil, and crazed people then read Eagle Strike by Anthony Horowitz.
        Alex Rider, the main character, lives on Liver Pool Street in London. In the beginning of the book Alex is with his friend, Sabina, in France. They get bombed and Sabina’s father gets terribly hurt.  Alex Rider then finds out that her dad was writing an intense article about Damien Cray.  He goes to this little meeting that Cray has for his high-tech new game Featherspread. Alex then goes to the manufacturing place, called Sayle enterprise, that Cray makes his game at. Alex sees a demonstration of a plane that is burning then it just goes out by itself. Cray has a man trapped in a glass cage screaming in terror, and when he goes down stairs he sees a man get killed by a bunch of coins. Then he gets caught and gets looked up. Under the bunk bed, so he goes down, but then gets caught in a trap. He bangs on the wall then he gets out. Just around the corner he meets the worst thing in his life. He plays a real life version of Featherspread and gets out. Then he and Sabina get locked up again.
        Alex is trapped again, but will he get out this time. Find out for your self in Eagle Strike.
Reviewed by B.M. 1/19/2007

Alex Rider #5: Scorpia
by Anthony Horowitz
        In this book the fourteen year-old agent, Alex, gets mixed up with another group of killers and gets a run for his money.
        Alex is a kid that works for the MI6, the British Intelligence.  In this book Alex desperately wants a break from being a spy, but it doesn’t happen.
        Alex goes on a trip to Venice with one of his friends.  While he’s there, he looks for a group called Scorpia.  Even though Alex has no idea what this group is, his curiosity gets the best of him.  He thinks he’ll find something out about the group at a party.  So, he sneaks into the party, and gets caught.  He is terrified that his life will come to an end.
Later on in the book, Alex meets Julia Rothman, the beautiful leader of Scorpia.  She tries get Alex to join the “dark side.”  She tells him a bunch of different things that makes think twice about staying with MI6, hopefully Alex will make the right choice.
        There are no other books that will make you want to read to the end more than this one, and it’s only going to get better with the next book.
Reviewed by J.K.  1/19/2007

        Alex is back in this intense fifth book where he must sift through the deception to once again save the world.
        Alex has faced many difficulties, but can he handle the world’s largest criminal organization and their leader Mrs. Rothman. More important can he handle his toughest challenge, no I’m not talking about the best martial arts master in the organization I’m talking about himself. As more and more information is revealed about his past, can Alex trust MI6 or will he join Scorpia and there plot to destroy the world? Alex is running out of time, he is forced to trust MI6 and go to a top-secret conference with the prime minister where he learns he must once again infiltrate the operation, save the world and bring peace back to England. Failure is not an option in this fast paced thriller where Alex must control his archenemy, his emotions or the world will suffer.
        As the plot unravels in this suspense spiced novel you’ll find yourself reacting to Alex’s every challenge. Has Alex met his match, will the final page turn on Alex and the world, as we know it?
Reviewed by J.S.  1/19/2007

Alex Rider #6: Ark Angel
by Anthony Horowitz
         Ark Angel is a adrenalin   pumping book. Once toy start reading this book you will fall in love and you will not want to stop at all. As you will ask your self what will happen to Alex next. Once you read this book your mind will tell you that you have to read the whole Alex rider series Storm Breaker, Skeleton Key, Eagle Strike, Scorpia, and of coarse Ark Angel.
        In this book Alex Rider meets Paul Drevin. While they are in the hospital people comes and tries to get Paul, but Alex knowing what to do from working with the M16 in London (Special operations). Meanwhile in the book Alex goes home with Paul, and Alex and Paul’s dad (Mr. Drevin) races go-carts that go up to two hundred and twenty miles per hour. During the race Mr. Drevin tries to push Alex off a twenty foot bridge to his death, that’s sad, but yet Alex did not fall off and die after all. After a few days all of them fly to a private island in the Bahamas that the Drevins own. There Alex discovers that they are going to blow up Washington DC.
        If you want to read this devastating book go to your town library and get it you will like even if you don’t think you will. I guarantee you will laugh out loud.
       Reviewed by S.P.  3/1/2008

         Ark Angel has all of the usual ingredients of an Anthony Horowitz book, sabotage, corruption, assassination and the occasional quick-witted humor of Alex Rider.
         Ark Angel with Alex in the hospital, because in the last book, he has a near death encounter with a sniper. I suggest that you read the other five books before undertaking the newest book in the series. Ok so while in the hospital he saves multi-millionaire, Nikoli Drevin’s son from the mysterious eco-warrior group force three. In return Nikoli invites Alex to spend some time with him at his houses and even to see his space shuttle be sent into space. But as it turns out Nikoli is an extremely competitive man. During a race he tries to kill Alex several times. Nikoli is the owner of the England soccer team Stratford east. They play Chelsea and they lose. After the game Alex notices that Nikoli makes a phone call after the game. Then when Alex is snooping around after the game he sees force three talking to the Stratford East soccer star. As it turns out force three kills him because he made a mistake in the game Alex becomes suspicious.  I cannot tell you more though.
        If you want to find out what happens next, hurry up and start reading!  Pick up this book at you’re local library.
Reviewed by J.T.  1/19/2007

Apple Island, or, The Truth About Teachers
by Douglas Evans
        If you haven’t read Apple Island or the Truth About Teachers, I highly recommend reading it. You have got to read this book. In this book you may think Bradley might not make it out of somewhere, for example, Bradley is stuck under a teachers lounge table and two teachers go in and sit at the table where Bradley is. Maybe you want to know if Bradley escapes or not, if you are one of those people, then you better read the book. This book is a nail-bitter. It keeps you glued to the seat.
        Apple Island or the Truth About Teachers has a lot of adventure in it.  This story has some suspense in it. If you read it then you would probably agree me that it makes you want to read more. Bradley is a character from the book. This book is a nail-bitter. It keeps you glued to the seat.
        What I think was in the book was some suspense, adventurism, joy, and happiness. He does poorly in every subject. This teacher from Bradley’s class takes him and his class to an island called Apple Island. Bradley thinks they are taking a plane for the class field trip, but to his astonishment they rode a blimp with a trailer like thing on the back of it. Bradley isn’t a stuck-up person really; he’s more like a suspecting person.
        He doesn’t think this is right and so he gets suspicious. Bradley starts to investigate. I really hope you want to read this book now.
      Reviewed by A.K.  3/1/2008

        Apple Island or the Truth About Teachers is a really thrilling book. I love when Bradley goes to school and then at recess he wants to go to the teacher lounge because he has never been inside. Also he finds out that one of the teacher’s ankle’s is purple. Jake has to go under one of the tables before he gets in trouble. But wait he tries to get out of the lounge but he has no chance.
        When recess was over he waits until the teachers go to their classroom and then he finds out that his teacher was in the lounge when he was in their at the same time.
        Why does the teacher have purple ankles read Apple Island or the Truth About Teacher’s to find out why.
Reviewed by J.C.  1/19/2007

Artemis Fowl:  The Opal Deception
by Eoin Colfer
        Artemis is back, and the stakes are greater than ever.  Now, Artemis is back to evil genius, and doesn’t remember anything about the fairy world.
        Opal Koboi, who has cleverly managed to evade imprisonment, is now loose upon the world(s) and trying to bring them together and ultimately destroy the fairy world.  Koboi- a kleptomaniac, and more than a little bit obsessive- is now trying to kill the people who defeated her evil scheme.  Commander Julius Root, Captain Holly Short, Artemis Fowl, Butler, and Mulch Diggums, are in danger from the most feared criminal mastermind of all time, other than Artemis himself.
        Needless to say, Eoin Colfer has done a magnificent job of writing a book full of deadly intensity. Impeccably delightful, with a flawless structure and delicately intricate plot, Opal Deception makes you feel the adrenaline Artemis feels as he steals the Fairy Thief.   Makes you feel the frustration Holly feels with Artemis not remembering the fairy world.  Colfer has masterfully made this book the most complex story since Harry Potter, yet it was easy to follow.
        Wonderously constructed, Opal Deception is another fabulous step in the ladder of telling Artemis’s, and his friends’, story.  However, their tale is not yet finished.
Reviewed by C.W.  1/19/2007

The Beast 2
by R.L. Stine
        The Beast 2 is a really electrifying book. I love how the pace is there is no dillydallying around and it jumps straight to the topic.
        Tom and the Beast are always challenging themselves, and the beast always scares the kids. Hmmm the big challenge in this book is to find the key to get out of the cellar and run to the front gate. The beast is like a furry mutated stinky ugly nasty rotten scare face monster. Because of this Tom the big shot in the story gets scared off his feet and he said he never gets scared.
        The beast is really crazy one kid died and he ate him to his bones. Although it was sad Tom’s friend was kidnapped by the beast and never seen again. When you get close to the end you will cry in to your teddy bear then you will grab your blanky and sweet then when its all over there is more fazes that I tell you about you will just know when it comes.
Reviewed by N.G.  1/19/2007

Because of Winn-Dixie
by Kate DeCamillo
        If you want to read a story about grace and wisdom, read Because of Winn-Dixie.
        Opal has always wanted a dog. One day her father, also known as the preacher, tells Opal to go to the store to get some groceries. When she got there, practically all of the food was on the floor. Opal was trying to figure out who did it and it was a dog. Then she turned the corner and the manager was on the floor screaming because the dog was on him. Then Opal tried to get the dog off of the manager, but it didn’t work. The dog just wouldn’t come. Opal tried saying come here Winn-Dixie and the dog came.
        The manager screamed at the girl because he thought the dog was hers’. After Opal was finished getting her groceries, the dog followed her home. When she got home, Opal asked her dad if she could keep the dog. It took a while for her dad to answer her. But then he answered her, and it was a yes. Opal was so happy she named him Winn-Dixie. She started to play with Winn-Dixie more and more each day. Opal took Winn-Dixie to the library; Winn-Dixie enjoyed that very much.
        I really do recommend this book to all of my friends.
Reviewed by B.G. 1/19/2007

Beware of Mad Dog
by Sarah Weeks
        Have you ever been embarrass by a bully; Sarah Week’s Beware of Mad Dog an easy-to- read book for every one under 6th grade.
        Boyd Fink and Nat Boyd are two friends trying to survive embarrassing things about them. Nat has problems controlling his B.O. He hasn’t told anyone but his best friend, Fink. When he gets scared or near the class bully. Mad Dog is a cool guy; just people think he is mean. They like to dare each other all day long; they can do the dare or they say, “I’ll eat a worm.” After all the dares they don’t do them. Jessica and Marla are two girls that Nat or Fink can’t stand. Thinking they’re so smart cause of a test.
        It all changed when in school Jessica, Nat, Fink, and Mad Dog was a signed partners. They all thought they could work on it at school. One night Jessica called Nat at his house and told him that they were going to have a meeting at her house. She told him to call Mad Dog but he refused. Than Fink called him on other line. Nat kept switching back and front. After a while he forget to push flash on the telephone and he told Jessica by accident that he got bad B.O. when around him.
        Will Nat ever stop being scared of Mad Dog?
Reviewed by C.M. 1/19/2007

by Natasha Friend
        In this wondrous book Bounce, Evyn the main character, has many problems in her life. She has finally got her life back to normal but she’s on the way to getting more problems. Now her father just told her horrible news.
        The Linnley family has to get their stuff packed because they are moving to Boston. Evyn’s dad is getting married to this crazy Greek lady, she barely even knows. Even worse she doesn’t know that this “lady” has five children of her own! What a nightmare! She’s not happy about her dad getting remarried because her real mom died when she was little. She didn’t really know her mom, but she still loved her. Now all she has is her dad and her older brother, but soon she will be getting five other brothers and sisters.
        After moving she has to learn to adjust to everything new around her, but she doesn’t want to because she wants her old life back! She talks to her mom in her thoughts, even though she’s not alive. Her mom tells her to bounce along with all the changes and she will be alright. Knowing her she doesn’t because her dad tells her that her step mom is pregnant, so she takes her step mom’s money and runs away.
       Bounce is a touching book for teen-agers.  I would recommend it to any teen-age girl with a craving for a fantastic book? I know you will love it.
 Reviewed by W.L. 3/1/2008

by Donna Jo Napoli
         Bound, a fictional book which transports readers to a quaint little cave home in the northern parts of long-ago China is an absorbing book which will keep you reading until the surprising conclusion. In the beginning of this Chinese Cinderella story, young Xing Xing is finishing the chores. Living with her stepmother and an immobile stepsister, Xing Xing is forced to take up the work of the family after her father’s untimely death.
        With little money or food to live on, she must find meat for her sister, who cannot walk due to her uncomfortable foot bindings. Xing Xing is soon sent away to find the traveling doctor Long Zhong and sell him a bag of unripe jujube dates which, stepmother claims, have many medical powers. As Xing Xing’s magical “carp mother” travels with her, Xing Xing finds joy in her once desolate life. Little does she know that a great sorrow will fall upon her, and may intervene with her plans of going to the annual Cave Festival. However, Xing Xing’s life is turned around because of unexpected gifts she discovers and a lost shoe.
         Bound is beautifully written and is an excellent quick read. The events in this book play out in your head like a movie. You will surely find yourself bound to this fabulous work that Donna Napoli has composed.
Reviewed by K. B.  3/1/2008

Boy at War
by Harry Mazer
        A Boy at War will pull you in so tight that you’ll never want to put it down.
        Thirteen-year-old Adam moves to Hawaii near Pearl Harbor, because Adam’s dad is in the Navy.  Then one peaceful Sunday morning when Adam is fishing with his friend Davi the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor! Adam is terrified when a plane shoots a bullet and it grazes Adams back, but is even more concerned when his dad’s ship, the USS Arizona, gets hit with so many bombs the ship leaps out of the water like a ball and catches fire. Oil is all over the water along with arms and legs. Adam wonders could one of the arms or legs belong to his father? Could his father be dead along with thousands of other naval officers?
        Read this book along with the 2nd and 3rd adventures that take place throughout Adam’s life, and I guarantee that you won’t ever forget this book.
Reviewed by J.M.  1/19/2007

The Boy Who Drank Too Much
by Shep Greene
        Do you like books that are full of drama, suspense, and you can’t stop reading. Are books that deal real problems some thing you like to read?
        The Boy who drank too much is a book for young adults. It’s full of drama. Buff is a new kid. He becomes friend with the narrator and art. Some of buffs problems are drinking, his self-esteem, and his dad. Shep Green is a great author. He brings awareness of teen drinking though his book. At the beginning of the book Art and buff don’t like each other. They get in a fight over some girl, but they stay friends. They both had been drinking and Buff had been drinking so much he got drank. In one of his hockey game his got hit in the hockey puck. He lost his two front teeth. His dad wants him to be a pro hockey player. This book doesn’t end like you think
        I would say to anyone who I book with drama, suspense, and spectacular plot to and get The Boy Who Drank Too Much.
   Reviewed By K.B.  3/1/2008

The Boy Who Saved Baseball
by John H. Ritter
        It was a hot day in Dilliontown, and a baseball game was going on. Cruz, Tom, Frankie, and Maria were out playing defense, and Cruz threw the ball and struck the batter out. The Boy Who Saved Baseball, I recommend you to get this book.
        The book I just read is an inspiring book. Cruz is a kid that is special in what ever he does. Back where Cruz lived he was a trail guide on horseback, and his mom let him guide the people. He is a brave boy that wants to do the most horrifying stuff, which an ordinary kid probably wouldn’t do.
        Now Tom is a kid that carries a dream sketchbook all the time. Tom is more of a nerd then a baseball player, and he kind of gets on your nerves. He is a crackerjack baseball player. And really likes this girl, her name is Maria; she has really long legs and always wears short shorts at practice.
        And this book is a really mind blowing you have to read it slow to get it, but if you like those books then I recommend you to get the book The Boy Who Saved Baseball. Will Cruz save baseball or not, you’ll have to read it to find out the ending.
 Reviewed by J.K.  1/19/2007

The Boys Start the War
by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
        Most people think the book they are reading is interesting or fun those could be put into any book review. Boys Start The War by Phyllis R. Naylor is the most relativistic fiction I have ever read. Readers can adapt to it.
         “New people are moving into the house across the river, do they have kids?” after the thought fore boys grab some binoculars and head to the trap door in the attic ceiling to get a better look from the roof. GIRLS!!! Fore boys stare blankly at each other not yet knowing their own feelings. Josh, his twin, and the third oldest brother start the war by not being careful about watching the girls with binoculars the first time the spied on the girls but the boys was not expecting the girls to see them. Then three girls make a plan to see the boys don’t get them first Eddie had butterflies. The boys was stud when the girls made a tally on the bored.  Then the girls follow though.
        I think The Boys Start The War the best fiction book on the market. You should definitely read this book. You’ll never want to stop reading.
Review by K.H.  3/1/2008

Brain Juice
by R.L. Stine
        This book is a vary energetic it is about a boy and a girl that got bad grades In school until they drank this juice and that juice was called brain juice. The first day they felt no different.
        But on the second day they still felt no different, but on the math test they got all the problems done and they got a 100% on the test. So then the teacher said that they were cheating on the papers next to them but they were not cheating it was the Brain Juice working. Then they had to stay after school and take the test over but it was a different test, but they still past the test.
        So then the kids got kicked out of school for being to smart and because the other kids were scared of them. Then these Alien’s come and take the boy and girl. The alien’s took the boy and girl the there emperor. And if you want to find out more about the book.
Reviewed by N.P.  3/1/2008

Can You Teach Me To Pick My Nose?
by Martyn Godfrey
        For this book review I’m going to tell you about the Can you Teach me to Pick my Nose.  You will be laughing your head of the whole time.
        In this book by Martin Godfrey Jody, the main character, needs help to learn how to skateboard in hopes of winning the local skate compotation. He gets help from one of most unusual people. Her name is pamamulla and she is one of the weirdest people ever. In my opinion this a great book for teenagers who love to skate. It’s also one of the best books I have ever read. At first, his mom doesn’t like the idea at all. But in the end she is all for it. She shows it by getting him a Hallin heavy ramper one of the best skateboards ever. Of course it’s not an actual skateboard company. After all of his practice, he turns into an okay skater. One of the lessons this book teaches is that winning is not everything and that just because someone says something you don’t have to do it. This one of those books that is kind of humorous and kind of not. Like sometimes it’s funny and sometimes it is very life like. As well it is also a sports book. If you like humors sports books and like to skate the book for you.
        Now that you know more about this book go out and read it. Now the question is you going to read this book?
 Reviewed by K.E.  3/1/2008

by Gary Paulsen
        Gary Paulsen seems to always have the right book that someone like me would want to read. He has always been my favorite author. When he writes a book it is usually about hardship or survival. This book is not an exception to all his others.
        Brennan lives with his mom because his parents are divorced. He is always up early and gets his exercise by running at least a mile or two. His mom started to date some people. The person his mom started to date was the leader of a youth group. He took them on a camping trip with some rowdy kids from the church. When he was going to sleep he finds some thing that will change his life forever.
        He was lying in his sleeping bag when he found something sticking out of the ground underneath his sleeping bag. When he first saw what it was he was horrified. It was a human skull.
        Adventure, survival, and mystery are what this book is all about. There is no doubt that I wouldn’t rate this book a ten. If you want the magical journey of a life time through a book, this is the book. This is an enchanting book that you can’t put down.
       Reviewed by N.B.  3/1/2008

Castaways #1: Worst Class Trip Ever
by Sandy Beech
        Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be stranded on a desolate island? If you have, then read Worst Class Trip Ever by Sandy Beech.
        In this book, it will tell you about Dani McFeeny, a sixth grade middle school student who gets trapped on a deserted island with Josh the guy she is crushing on, twins Chrissie and Cassie who fight over everything little thing, her little brother Kenny who she calls a twerp, crazy science teacher Mr. Truskey who started all of this, and Angela Barnes who she hated since first grade because of an incident but you will have to read the book to find out what it was. I normally don’t read books having to do with school but this book’s cover really fascinated me with it wonderfully, creatively drawn details. It also grabbed my attention with its colorful humor.
        If suspense is what you want then this book is defiantly for you. It will keep you in suspense with its intriguing foreshadowing. Books like this, at times, don’t fascinate me as much as fantasy books do but this book is kind of an adventure fantasy.
       Reviewed by B.K. 3/1/2008

        I think this book is a great book for teens to read. To some people this book is sort of funny and if you finish reading this book then, you will think the same thing.
        The kids in danis class are going to go to an island to stay for like three days, to study the island.  When the class is there they have a few problems. Doing with food matter. Teacher missing, and a place to stay, while they are there.
        They also had a few other problems like when are we going to get out off this island, so we can go home and back to school.  Finally the next day we see the boat coming for us but then they had some problems with the boat. One of the problems was that mr.lunser had eaten a bad bug and he got sick all over the wheel and the floor and himself. Another problem was that they thought that they was going in circles because they don’t remember any of the things that they pasted before when they was on there way to the island.  And then they hit a rock so they had to swim back to the island.
        If you want to know what happened to the kids and the teacher then I suggests that you read this book.
Reviewed by B.M. 1/19/2007

The Cell
by Stephen King
        Stephen Kings the Cell will have you grasped till the end.
        Some of the characters are Clay, Tom,  Alice, Jonny, Mother, Jordan, an old man, and an old lady.  My opinion of the book is that it’s one of Stephen king did his best work. The book actually makes you feel like you’re in the book with everybody.  It’s a good mystery, horror, and a good survival story.
        The plot it’s about 3 ordinary people who save the world from chaos. It also has how clay feels about his son Jonny. Before all this chaos happened Clay landed a comic book deal. Alice gets sad because she has to kill her mother.
Details Stephen King tells how Clay fights himself to keep going to New Jersey.  He also tells like when Clay is thinking. Clay feels like there’s a rat in there trying to get out.  Stephen King also takes time and gives you a back round on all the characters.  Also he doesn’t hold back his feelings he just lets them lose. Stephen Kings gives you a surprise ending to the book.  So go and pick up a copy to day and start reading.
Reviewed by J.P.  3/1/2008

Children of the Red King #1: Midnight for Charlie Bone
by Jenny Nimmo
        Jenny Nimmo has really outdone herself with Midnight for Charlie Bone. As the first book in a six book series, Midnight for Charlie Bone is exceptionally intoxicating! Midnight for Charlie Bone not only makes you sit at the edge of your seat, it makes you want to read the rest of the series.
        Charlie Bone, a young 10 year old boy who has a unique “gift”, has to go to a school for kids that are endowed or that excel in drama, art, or music. Although Charlie is endowed, they placed him in the music department since his father was in it. He and his friends Olivia Vertigo and Fidelio Gunn, who also go to Bloor’s academy, are faced with many emotional and physical hardships as they try to survive the long school year.
        I would recommend you to read this book, not because it has very few “slow” events, it’s because of its magical, enchanting ending. Jenny Nimmo really shows her fantastic writing ability with Midnight for Charlie Bone and she makes you want to pick up the next book in the series as fast as you can.
Reviewed by D.B. 3/1/2008

Children of the Red King #4: Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors
by Jenny Nimmo
        Jenny Nimmo has really created an amazing series with Charlie Bone. As a result this book is unbelievable. All the way from the invisible walls to the flying people.Some of the questions you might be asking probably include questions like what are the invisible walls for; what are they holding back, and who can fly? From the very beginning of this book Nimmo keeps you hooked and you just can’t wait till you have a chance to read more.
        In this book there are tons of cool characters, (some with magical powers including time travel and much more) lots of adventure, and a bunch of suspense. Some of the suspense has to do with Billy Raven being trapped, possibly for life. Also, does Charlie Bone ever find his lost father? All and all this is an amazing book and an unbelievable series.
        So… Out of most of the books I have read, this for sure would be one of my favorite ones. I highly recommend you read this book if you want to be swept away by awesome powers and detailed characters. (Especially if you’re a reader who liked the Potter series.)
     Reviewed by B.B. 3/1/2008

Child Called It
by Dave Pelzer
        I know this book will make you sick. This book will keep you on the edge. Pelzer’s story is heart wrenching.
David Pelzer was tortured as a young boy. The first few years of his life were loving and caring. All of a sudden she went crazy. She would beat him when his dad was at work. When he was home she was normal. After she did not care if he was at home or at work. He had to live in the basement.  Also wear clothes that looks like rags.
        But wait about a week later as soon as David came home. His mother told David to get undressed and wait by the stove. Mrs. Pelzer said to him he was a bad boy and he needed to be punished. So he thought of something to do so he began to cry. He did this because he knew his brother would be home soon. Later he got smacked and told to get on the stove. As a result he got on the stove.
        When David went to school the nurse checked him thoroughly. One day the nurse was tired of these marks and showed the notes . He then reached the police. When the officer came they showed him the marks and notes. Next the officer called Mrs. Pelzer then he left.
        Child Called “IT” is a nonstop reading book; you will cry. David Pelzer has won awards for this book. David has three other books entitled to this one.
Reviewed by S.R.  1/19/2007

The Classroom at the End of the Hall
by Douglas Evans
        The kids at W.T Melon School are untidy. Classroom at the End of the Hall is very unique to see what they all have in common. If you like books that are about people that always have things in common. This is a great book for you.
        In art class Charlie cannot draw not even a circle. Then comes a teacher named Ms. Tra La La she is very different than regular humans because she is a stick person but then since she is a stick person Charlie can draw.. Roger an ordinary person out of all of the kids he makes a genie appear by slapping to eraser together to make dust. Everyone says he is the pain- in- the- neck.  Mary and Emily have something to do with an animal living in their classroom. Emily has a desk pesk that cleans her desk for her because it is so dirty like having left over chicken legs from lunch. W.T Melon School is very scared to go down to the hall where this classroom is because they think it is creepy like a ghost living in the classroom from Halloween. Finally at the end there is no problem with anything or anybody. Students act like perfect angels and nothing is wrong.
       Classroom at the End of the Hall is great, funny, and humorous. This book will make you keep on reading and never stop. Laughing out loud is this book.
Reviewed by J.P.  1/19/2007

Click Here
by Denise Vega
        By the second chapter of this book you won’t want to put it down. The things that happen to seventh grader Erin Swift are unimaginable.
        First of all her best friend Jilly and her (who have been inseparable since first grade) are put on different tracks for their first year at the middle school. What makes this bad is that Jilly is her only friend. On the first day of school she punches a girl named Serena (who has teased Erin and been mean to her ever since she’s known her). Then gets called a puppet (and other names) by the other kids. After every one forgets about that she becomes a corncob for the school play and gets noticed again. Then after everything starts calming down she breaks her arm and her private “no-one-will-see-but-me” blog get’s put on the school’s intranet for everyone to see. Will Erin survive this horrible tragedy along with the teasing and name calling that it comes with? I would tell you more, but that would ruin the story.
        Read this book and you will not be disappointed. In some parts you will laugh, but in others you will almost cry from feeling so bad for Erin. It has many life lessons in it like the fact that cherry tootsie pops could mean so much.
Reviewed by A.S.  1/19/2007

The Clique
by Lisi Harrison
        This book is a social minefield and the perfect example of what you got through with middle school popularity.
        Massie Block and her best friends, Dylan, Kristin, and Alicia have plans to go to the spa but when cheerful Clair Lyons comes to visit with her family from Florida, her mom makes her cancel her plans.  Making sure her friends think she is in charge is a huge deal to Massie, so she pretends that she is sick and that is why she can’t go. Soon enough, Massie finds out that Clair and her “less fortunate” family will be staying in the guesthouse. Massie gets really irritated. If only her dad weren’t a collage buddy with Clair’s dad, none of this would have happened. Plus, the guy that Massie is totally in love with has a hot collage girlfriend.  Will Clair and Massie become friends? Or will they sabotage each other to no end? Find out in The Clique.
        If you like books that have drama, fighting, and more drama then you will love this book. I would recommend this book to everyone. Waiting to read the next book, in the series will be hard, because if it is just as good as the first one then I am in for a real treat!
Reviewed by J.Y.  1/19/2007

Counterfeit Son
by Elaine Marie Alphin
        Have you even read the book called “count fit son”? Well in this book you’re going to need a lot of Kleenex’s, because it’s a really said what happens to this young boy’s life. This book is going to make you want to jump in and help that poor boy!
        Cameron the boy in this book had been locked up in a basement that whenever he would breath in the smell it would make him sick to his stomach, because of the smell of the bleach that covered up everything that had happened in that house. But then one day Cameron finally got the gut to try to turn him in and hope that it works, but Cameron also knew what could happen if the cops don’t believe him. Then once Cameron told the cops what’s going on some of the cops believe and some didn’t. Some of the cops thought he was just making it up because the kid that he was saying he was really rich and they thought he was only saying that because he want to be living with a rich family. And then the other cops that believed him thought it was true, because the Lacey’s the family son had gotten kidnapped 8 years ago, and that’s when Cameron was saying he had gotten kidnapped.
        So yeah that’s like all I can really tell you without telling you to much and giving away the story, so if you like the sound of the book I think you should really read it because if you don’t like reading this book will make you want to read. And this is coming from someone who hates it and I loved this book. So you should really give it a chance!
Reviewed by A.F.  3/1/2008

by John Coy
         Crackback, by John Coy, is a compelling novel in which a boy struggles with an overpowering jerk of a coach, a friend using steroids, and falling for a girl who doesn’t even know that he exists. This book will definitely have you locked on.
        Miles is not your average teenage jock. He is very small, but he is perfect size for a defensive back. In the beginning of the book, Miles’ friend Zach gives him caffeine pills to give him a boost before the first game. Thankfully, he does not take them, but keeps that from Zach. Then, when Miles season is going great when things spiral into a disaster. It starts when Zach offers Miles steroids. Miles refuses, but loses Zach’s friendship. After that, the head coach has to leave because of cancer, Miles loses his starting position, his dad is ashamed of him because of it, the starting quarterback gets injured, and Miles meets Lucia, the new girl who doesn’t even know his name. But, things start to turn around, when Miles finds out that having a starting position may not be the most important thing.
        If you are looking for a topnotch book, read this satisfying book, Crackback.
Reviewed by A.R.  1/19/2007

Cryptid Hunters
by Roland Smith
        Amazing! You’d better read the book Cryptid Hunters it is an awesome thriller! It has non-stop, slam-bang action and a shocking ending. Cryptid Hunters talks about two orphaned and adventurous twins, Marty the insane and hilarious thirteen-year-old boy, and Grace the bashful and taciturn thirteen- year- old girl, get dropped into the Congo with Bo the twisted chimp, and PD the valiant dog.
   Cryptid Hunters is so good with getting you twisted and caught up in the book. Getting dropped into the Congo was intrinsically their Uncle Travis Wolfes fault. Let me tell you a little bit about Wolfe, as he likes to be called.
         Wolfe is a cryptozoologist, which means he tries to prove that animals like the Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot, the Yeti, and Krakens, (giant squid) are real, and he also tries to preserve endangered species. But his latest fascination, Moke’le’-mbembe’, sends them on an adventurous trip to the mystical and dangerous Congo, which leads up to the four of them getting dropped into the Congo. You will love this book and you won’t be able to put it down.
Reviewed by R.O. 1/19/2007

        Amazing! Non-stop action! Cryptid Hunters by Roland Smith is breathtaking! If you enjoy books about cryptozoology and urban myths then you have to read this book!
        Grace and Marty just find out that their parents have been lost in a helicopter crash. Now they have to go live with their crazy uncle! But the worst part about it is that they never even knew that they had an uncle. All of the surprising turns in this book will make you keep flipping pages right through to the end.
        Travis Wolfe (Grace and Marty’s uncle) is on an expedition to find a dinosaur called Mokele-membe in the heart of the Congo. Marty and Grace accidentally wandered into the drop hatch aboard a plane and plummeted some 3000 feet into crocodile infested swamps.
        Most books have to have a bad guy and Cryptid Hunters is no exception. Noah Blackwood is an evil, wildlife documentary person. He has zoos with endangered species all over the world and he’s out to try to get Mokele-membe before Travis finds it. Blackwood makes up pathetic stories of how he saves “orphaned” animals, and in reality he just shot the mother!
        When you read Cryptid Hunters you will be wishing for Roland to either write a sequel or make a movie out of this breathtaking and adventurous book.
       Reviewed by B.S. 1/19/2007

        What will happen to this torn apart family after their parents have gone missing and Marty and Grace have to move in with their mysterious uncle Wolfe?
        Suddenly their parents go missing and Marty and Grace are plucked out of private school and laid into the lap of their uncle Wolfe, which they have never heard of. It turns out that Uncle Wolfe is in a bizarre business and has to fly to the Congo hastily, but, with the help of a monkey named Bo, they are accidentally dropped into the luscious forests of the Congo. Their only communications to the outside world is by using their Gizmos. Luckily Marty learned how to use his Gizmo; without his knowledge they probably wouldn’t have survived. Together, the four of them, Marty, Grace, Bo, and PD (Uncle Wolfe’s dog) make an odd four-some, but together, the joyful group is able to find Grace’s true past and how much Wolfe cares for her. You’ll know story is meaningful with a spice of danger. Smith’s writing is bold and intense. Without his ingenuity, the book would have been bland and unexciting. He can put a twist on any book he writes; the gripping plot proves it.
        If you want to know Grace’s true past and how Wolfe plays a part in all of this, the answer lies inside the covers of Cryptid Hunters.
Reviewed by B.S. 1/19/2007

        A marvelous book with a shocker ending, is sure to leave you hanging.
        Marty and Grace have pretty standard lives at their school, but all that is swept away when they receive news that their parents are missing. They then go to an uncle that they’ve never heard of, but this uncle who likes to be called Wolfe has a really big secret, one that will change Marty and Grace’s lives forever.
        In the library of Wolfe’s house Grace overhears Wolfe and Laurel (another new and strange person) talking about a dinosaur that evidently exists despite all the facts against it she and Marty are suddenly on their way back to school, but it seems fate is against that idea. On the plane ride there Marty and Grace find themselves plummeting toward the ground. Grace is left unconscious and Marty can only wonder if they can survive in the Congo. Something of great importance is that Butch, a man that strikes fear into people’s hearts is in the same jungle and while he is Marty and Grace are in great danger.
        How does this book turn out? You’re going to have to read it to find out the happy but sad ending, so go read it!
  Reviewed by A.T.1/19/2007

by Patricia McCormick
        Thump thump I see my white and blue sneakers in front appearing and disappearing, I can’t remember anything about the race, everything is black.
        Callie lives at Sea Pines, a hospital for the mentally disturbed teenagers. She doesn’t talk to any of the other teenagers living at Sea Pines. Because Callie doesn’t talk to anybody she is still at level one and is very emotional, that means she doesn’t get to walk the halls alone she has an escort to all her classes. Claire is the director of the group Callie is in. She tried to help Callie by getting her extra help, but Callie doesn’t show any respect towards heeling. So Claire the director arranges for Callie to arrive back at home. But after that happened the insurance company called and said they wont pay for Callie to stay there because of her condition. Then a girl named Amanda showed up and was put in the same group and same condition Callie has. Amanda will bring you hard feelings surprisingly new that Callie cuts herself so everybody is shocked. She looked at Callie and said.
        “So why do you do it?”
        “Do what?” Callie says trembling with fear.
        “You know.” Amanda tells her.
        Do you think Callie will suddenly perk out of her shell and start talking and finally confuse that she has an issue. Or will she stay hidden in her shell forever.
Reviewed by B.H 1/19/2007

Deltora Quest #2: The Lake of Tears
by Emily Rodda
        The Lake of Tears by Emily Rodda is an absolute nail-biter; you don’t know who will survive. You won’t know what’s going to happen next. It will have you on the edge of your seat some parts of the book; it’s the 2nd book out of 8 in the series. Also it’s an adventure book.
        At the beginning of the book Lief, Barda, and Jasmine had just escaped the forest of silence, and they are now making their way to lake of tears to find the 2nd topaz to the belt of deltora. While on their journey they encounter grey guards, whom are holding a rolad man hostage. Another one of their encounters was Jin and Jod. They are the kin of Thaegan, the dark sorceress of Deltora.
        I think this book is the best book so far, but it is only the second book in its series though. When it gets closer to the end of the book it gets more enthusiastic rather than in the middle or even in the first to pages. After Jin and Jod they finally make it to the lake of tears. Ounce there, they come across Soldeen, a giant sea creature who has hundreds of pinned shaped teeth that are extremely sharp and slime ozzzzinng off of his skin and he doesn’t look to friendly. If you want know what’s going to happen to Lief, Barda, and Jasmine. You will be gripping this book in terror.
 Reviewed by M. M.  3/1/2008

The Divide
by Elizabeth Kay
        Have you ever read the divide, one of the best fantasy books ever? Well if you haven’t then you’re missing out!
        It’s about this kid named Felix who has heart problems so he tends to pass out frenziedly. One day he and his parents go for a walk in the port Rican rain forest. Felix passes out while there in the rain forest. When he wakes up he’s in another demission were mythical creatures are real and he is the myth!  He first meats a griffin, second he meets an elf called betony, third and last he runs into a devil hyena. Felix and Betony are trying to find a cure for Felix. When there on there way to the town of geedon witch sells cures and potions to people. Uh Oh! They get captured by two devil hyenas. That’s all I’m goanna tell you. You can read the rest of the book yourself, and you can find out what happens next.
        This books author Elizabeth Kay must have a great fancy because this book is full of surprises and laughs along the way! You have to read it!
       Reviewed by R.B.  3/1/2008

Double Digit Club
by Marion Dane Bauer
        If you like girly books, you would love the book Double Digit Club.
        Sarah and Paige are best friends, and they go to the same school.  They play with their dolls everyday after school, and they even named them together. Almost 10-year-old Paige, and her 9-year-old friend Sarah hate Valerie because she is preppy. Valerie is the club owner of the Double Digit Club. Paige and Sarah got into an argument over weather Paige should join The Double Digit Club. Sarah doesn’t want Paige to join because Sarah won’t be able to talk to Paige anymore.
        At first the book was confusing, but then it was more and more exciting. I thought it was going to be laid out differently. At the end of the story it was well-crafted book. My book wasn’t that funny, but it was exciting.
        You would like this book because it is enjoyable.
Reviewed by T.W.  1/19/2007

Dragon Keeper
by Carole Wilkinson
         Dragon Keeper is one of those books that you just can’t put down. Carole Wilkinson makes this adventure story well rounded. Ping is a slave girl who works for Lan, an abusive alcoholic. Lan makes her take care of all the animals, even the 2 dragons.
        One night, one of the dragons wouldn’t eat its food, and Ping, who was fed only a few scraps of food, decided to take it and shared it with Hua, her pet rat. The next day the dragon died. Felling guilty, she took the other dragon for a walk. But, before she put the dragon back in his den, a dragon hunter barged through the front gate with a cross bow and shoots Danzi’s wing (the dragon). Danzi picked up Ping and flew away. Danzi convinced Ping to go with him on a parlous journey to the ocean, a place of “magical” powers.
        I would recommend this book to anyone who likes dragon books and wants new twists on every page. Dragon Keeper is an exceptionally organized book. If I had to say one word about this book it would be, enchanting.
      Reviewed by R.A.  3/1/2008

        Ping, an anything but normal slave girl, was ingeniously thought up by Carole Wilkinson in the twisted story Dragon Keeper.
        In the beginning, Ping’s just a young low-life slave, bearing her master’s unrelenting scolding and throwing fits. One day, one of the two last surviving dragons dies. She hears that her master and a ruthless bounty hunter are going to kill the other one for money! They were going to kill the dragon right behind the emperor’s back, just so they could get rich! So Ping gets the last dragon out of his underground stable and they barely escape! Surprisingly, they became the most intriguing and unlikely of friends. They forge friendships with powerful allies and make intimidating enemies, like an evil necromancer, who appears several times throughout the book to intervene in the duo’s journey to Ocean. Several friends and foes die who you might get somewhat attached to. Jealousy makes people betray each other as well!
        Ocean is a huge expanse of water that Danzi says is magical. However, he seems to mainly care about the safety of a dragon stone that Ping is responsible to safely get there. It’s smooth and purple…What could it be?
        Find out who survives and who doesn’t in this beautifully weaved plot which includes a heartbreaking ending and some happiness intertwined.
Reviewed by B.B.  3/1/2008

Dragon Rider
by Cornelia Funke
        Dragon Rider is a suspenseful book to read. You won’t know what is going to happen next in the book. David doesn’t know what trouble he is in for in this book and gets into humongous trouble that he gets out of, with some help with some new friends through out the book. But, when Sorrel finds Ben in the factory, and he had no home, she said that he could come with her; and not live in the factory with all the rats any more. Then Firedrake sets off after they get the map for a loooooong journey with Ben and Sorrel with a map from a rat called Gilbert Graytail, which is sometimes hard to figure out for them. So, they make some new friends and confront an enemy called Nettelbrand. Therefore, at the end you will have to read this book find out what happens at the end. In conclusion, I think kids and adults of all ages from 6 grade and up should read this exciting book.
       Reviewed by B.M. 1/19/2007

Drift House: The First Voyage
by Dale Peck
        Boom! If you have a thing for mermaids, Time Pirates, eivl octopus women, three kids for New York City, a not-so-good-keep-things-quit uncle, and a President Wilson talking patriot then sail on in Drift House The First Voyage.
         Susan and her brothers, Thomas, Murray has to go live with their uncle that the never seen, let alone heard of before. Their Mum and Dad thought it’d be safe for them to go to Canada where their Mum’s brother lives. After they find out that their uncle’s house isn’t a normal house, but a ship! She befriends a mermaid named Dalfhen, Thomas feels as if he isn’t being told anything, and Murray drank the Sea of Time’s water and left clues to help him remember what happened to Susan and save her life! Also he feels like an old person. Since for their uncle, well let’s say he is left clueless. President Wilson tries to hold things together; Susan is being forced to close the Drain that sucks anything in the sea into it. Life or three is lost to the Drain. Who it is? You’ll have to find out yourself. Drift House The First Voyage is a compelling ending that keeps you on your feet. It’s a powerful, suspenseful clownish comical miserable book that makes you laugh out loud!
Reviewed by C.W.  1/19/2007

by Jerry Spinelli
        Eggs is a pretty interesting book it doesn’t make me laugh although    It does put me to the edge of my seat it leaves me wanting to know More about the book.
        David meets Primrose; finally she takes him to live with her and her Mother. Primrose and her mother live in a van, and Primrose’s mom supposedly thinks she can tell the future, but she kind of can it’s Kind of cool, anyways Primrose and David go out at night to pick up Things they see on the street, because Primrose and her mother are really poor. David and Primrose like to drink mango madness it is their favorite drink.
        I’ve gotten further in the book and I’ve liked so far I’m on the part where people ask David if he likes his grandmother in glasses and he said no. I like the book. Check it out; it’s a really good book. It is sad but it is a good adventure book. This book is so good.
 Reviewed by O.M.  3/1/2008

The Executioner’s Daughter
by Laura E. Williams
        Shocking but thrilling The Executioner’s Daughter will knock you out of your seat. Could you believe an eleven-year-old girl named Lily, assisting execution’s after her mother dies? She must assist her father to help clean up after the execution!!!
         When Lily’s mother dies they have to burry her in the woods because it’ s against the people in towns religion to have an executioner’s wife in the graveyard next to the church. Will goes of in the woods to find a big enough rock for Alyce’s head stone. Every single day after that Lily always goes out to visit her mother. Lily will even sit at her mother’s grave for hours just talking to her mother about how everything is going between her and her father. But Lily is upset because she says that she cannot care for animals the same way as her mother.
        After a couple of executions Lily notices that Will slumps his shoulder the same way he does when he chops would. When Lily can’t take the executions any more, she leaves her father.
        So if you like books like this then you should read The Executioner’s Daughter. She’s an eleven-year-old assisting execution’s. That’s really weird, yet kind of creepy.
Reviewed by C.C. 1/19/2007

Fire Star
by Chris D’Lacey
        The third book in the Fire Within series, Fire Star, is a thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat!  Chris D’Lacey skillfully weaved together ancient Inuit Indian folklore, mysterious dragons, and incredible polar bears to create what just might be the most amazing book with a shocking ending!
        David, the beloved character from the past two books, comes to the artic on a research trip, but finds himself writing stories about legends, bears, and an inexplicable fire star.
        Lucy plays a significant role in this book.  She’s quickly going through various changes in an abnormal amount of time. Her hair turned from red to blonde in only a matter of days!  I can’t tell you anything else, so you’ll have to read the book yourself to find out more!  D’Lacey had all of the characters involved in the story; each character is essential to the book, and the plot would fall apart without them.
        I would recommend this book to any sixth graders and up because the book’s a little hard to follow.  It’s totally worth it though; it’s an amazing book with an ending that will leave you begging for a sequel!
Reviewed by W.T.  3/1/2008

by Carl Hiaasen
        Flush is adventurous, mysterious, and fun.  It is like you are in the book, trying to catch the bad guy along with Noah.
        Noah is confronted with the problem that his dad is in jail for sinking a boat.  Paine (Noah’s dad) says the reason he sunk the boat was because the owner of the boat (Dusty Mulman) is flushing all of the boats waste into the basin.  He believes his dad, but nobody else does.  Of course, he knows that his father is a good guy, he will just do crazy things to do what he thinks is right.  While Noah is trying to help his dad, he meets Shelly.  Shelly is an adult, but she is tough and she is willing to help.  Abbey, which is Noah’s sister, Shelly, and Noah, team up together to take down Dusty Mulman.  What they are doing is very dangerous, but Noah is determined to help his dad, and to keep the water from being polluted.  You will be so involved in the book that you won’t want to stop reading.  Along the way, Noah has a gun pointed at him, he is stuck in the middle of the ocean, and he gets punched in the face.
       Flush is yet another great book by Carl Hiaasen.  It truly is an intriguing book, and you just have to read it!
Reviewed by C.G.  3/1/2008

        Carl Hiaasen once again does an incredible job with one of his more recent books, Flush. A book like this is astounding and unique, but it also keeps you guessing throughout the story.
        Noah and Abbey's father, Paine is in jail for sinking a casino boat. He claims they have been dumping raw sewage into the waters near their home. Of course, there was a problem though, no one will believe him and he has no proof. Dusty, the owner of the boat denies it, and everyone in town thinks Paine is insane. Their mother is going to divorce their dad, unless he
shapes up and gets his anger and impulsive behavior under control. Now, it’s
up to Noah and Abbey to help prove their dad is right.
        There are a few unforeseen twists and turns in this story, but Hiaasen doesn’t disappoint. This is an all around great book. Think you’d enjoy it? Well start reading it and join in on Noah and Abbey’s search for the truth.
       Reviewed by H.M.  3/1/2008

Football Nightmare
by Robert Hirschfeld ; Matt Christopher
        Matt Christopher has done it again with another breath-taking book called The Football Nightmare.
        In this book a boy named Kevin is playing football and drops a interception which would of sealed their championship win but is afraid he will get hit hard when he comes down with it. Then it tells about how he tries to over come his fear and what he does to get read of all he’s erroneous publicity. First off he tries telling everybody the ball slipped out of his hands because he was already looking down field. During the summer he goes to the pool with two teammates named Cody and Heck and gets made fun of by several other teammates.
        Two weeks before the next season starts, his coach and Heck visit him. They asked him to play football this year because they would have a capital season with him on the team and him dropping the ball was a year ago and people probably for got about it. But he kept saying no because he didn’t want to be humiliated. He does show up though at the first practice with cautiousness.
        When he goes to practice everybody except the coaches and several teammates including Heck and Cody were on his back. After a while everybody still had not forgotten about the incident.
        If you want to know what happened during the season and see how good he did, you’re going to have to read the book.
Reviewed by R.K.  1/19/2007

by June Oldham
        Found, is a futuristic epic that makes you ache for more, even while you’re still guessing the end.
        When Ren’s mother finds she is having a baby and that she cannot pay the tax, Ren must leave a go to a safe haven. As she waits in a cave on the side of the road, a young man named brocket, who has just found a baby, discovers her. But he is not the only person in the woods. Lil, a street person, also discovers the cave. While food grows short, they must leave.
        With the aid of Hilary, a man who is studying the region, they try to make their way to the border. But danger lurks in every corner, and after they find someone is stalking them, Cob, a woman that wants Found for reasons unknown, they fear for their lives. Is she a menace, or a caring parent figure? Will they ever get out of the forest alive?
        To find out who, read Found, a spell-binding tale of survival in a not so far of future. Found is a tale must be read to be believed.
Reviewed by A.G.  1/19/2007

by Andrew Clements
        Frindle is a captivating tale, about a boy named Nick Allen, and his new word “FRINDLE.”  It is a humorous fiction type of book. Frindle’s tale takes place mostly in Mrs. Granger’s classroom.
        Nick Allen is a trouble maker. In the third grade he turned his classroom into a beach. To make it more like a beach he turned the thermostat to 90 degrees, when the teacher left the room he took fine white sand and dumped it all over the floor, and had the other kids walk in it. The students came the next day in tee-shirts and shorts.  Now he has to go to the fifth grade and he had to start passing classes, he had no morning recess, but most of all it meant real letter grades on your report card. Mrs. Granger is the one and only Language Arts teacher out of seven teachers in the elementary school. Nick wanted to be the center of attention, so he made a high pitched peep. After he done it a couple times, a different student got in trouble for it.
        Then one day he made up a word and called it Frindle.  He got everyone saying it, and Mrs. Granger got mad and said any one who says Frindle has to stay after school and write sentences that say “I am this punishment with a pen” but the students wrote “I am writing this punishment with a Frindle.”
        However, this book will have you ask yourself “what happened to Nick and Mrs. Ganger.
         Reviewed by A.M.  3/1/2008

        Frindle is a clash of personalities. Nick the joker is always getting out of homework by simply changing the subject or acting out. Ms. Granger his fith grade teacher loves dictionaries she knows everything about them. But she might know too much. When nick asks Ms. Granger how words are put into the dictionaries she tells him. That was a mistake nick gets a great idea. Instead of the drop dead word pen he decides to make another word for it the word is frindle.
        The new word is causing chaos and it’s growing, the word is spreading all over town like a virus. It isn’t good the word is going global. Will Nick stop the chaos he started? Read frindle to find out. You wont put the book down till you are done.
Reviewed by P.C.  1/19/2007

The Gatekeepers #1: Raven’s Gate
by Anthony Horowitz
        Powerful, clever, adventurous, action-packed, all these words explain Anthony Horowitz’s, Raven’s Gate.
        Thrilling, page-turning, this book will have you asking questions non-stop. Raven’s Gate is a well-crafted piece by Anthony Horowitz. It is about an orphan, Mathew Freeman, that doesn’t know a lot of things about himself. His parents died in a car accident when he was 6 years old. Ever since that he has had a slow miserable life.
        He gets into some trouble with a friend of his named Kevin. Kevin talks him into going to a warehouse and stealing some stuff. While he is there a guard is there and Kevin stabs him and blames it on Matt. So, Matt goes to Juvenile Corrections and gets talked to by Detective Malloy. Matt has to do an orphan program called the LEAF project.
        Matt has to go live with a lady by the name of Ms. Deverill. She seems like a pretty gentle and kind lady. But for all Matt knows, only trouble lies ahead of him.
       Raven’s Gate will keep you awake and reading and you wont want to lay your hands off of it.
Reviewed by J.C.  1/19/2007

The Gatekeepers #2: Evil Star
by Anthony Horowitz
        Anthony Horowitz’s newest hit Evil Star the second book in the Gatekeepers saga is full of excitement, magic, and evil criminals. I would certainly recommend this book to any one that loves a good book and basically anyone that can read and appreciate a good book.
        Just like last time Matt Freeman the first of the Gatekeepers is again dragged into helping a secret organization called the Nexus, but this time he gets sent to Peru to retrieve a diary of a mad monk, but when it goes horrible and he then goes to Peru to meet with an old friend. Yet he meets Pedro unexpectedly to say the least. Later the two become the best of friends just in time for the ultimate evil to make its way into the world for the second time to wreak havoc once again.
        With Evil Star’s masterfully drawn out plot and twists it will leave you on the edge of you seat begging for more and more. After this book gets into your system you won’t be able to put it down until you’re done.
 Reviewed by D.K.  3/1/2008

Getting Near To Baby
by Audrey Couloumbis
        Sitting on the rooftop sharing stories about the past, Aunt Patty and Willa Jo, in Getting Near to Baby, share heart-warming moments together.
        Willa Jo was in the middle of her summer break when the worse thing ever could’ve happened. She was just born a few weeks before, and she was a healthy baby.  Then the unthinkable happened; Baby died. So while Noreen, Willa and Baby’s mother, was recovering, they had to go to their evil Aunt Patty’s house.
        Willa Jo didn’t like Aunt Patty because she is mean and won’t let her play with the neighbors, and one day Aunt Patty pushed it too far and Willa Jo climbed out on the roof.  Neighbors came from all over to see her.  Aunt Patty had tried to get her to come down, but Willa Jo refused.  Yet Uncle Hob is a much more laid-back man, so he told Aunt Patty to just let them be and he would take care of it after too long. After they tried everything to get Willa Jo to come down, Uncle Hob climbed out on the roof (which by the way he gets stuck in a window during the process) with Willa Jo, and they shared many stories ranging from ones that are merry to ones that are devastating.
        You will find yourself reaching for the Kleenex box, however you’ll be rushing to get to the next page in this enchanting, powerful, tear jerking story!
Reviewed by K.L.  1/19/2007

The Goose Girl
by Shannon Hale
        Inspiring, true to life, and truly tragic, The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale will captivate readers with intricate details of a young princess’s life.  You will laugh and cry and, yet, you’ll want to keep reading.
        Princess Anidori-Kiladra Tallianna Isilee never knew that one day she would the maidservant, never knew that her own friend would betray her, and never knew that she would leave Kildenree, nor did she ever dream of being abandoned by her own kingdom, or feel alone in the world without anyone but geese, and who wants a goose for a friend?  Ani has to do all these and much, much more.  Will she make it?  What has happened to Talone?   Can she make it if she is left to face Selia alone? Kildenree’s fate lies with the princess.  Or does it?
        Hale really brings out what life is really like, that is why every girl should read The Goose Girl.  Of course, it helps that Ani has to go through some peculiar adventures along the way.
        Reviewed by K. L.  3/1/2008

Great and Terrible Beauty
by Libba Bray
        A Great and Terrible Beauty, written by Libba Bray, is a must read.
        Bray writes a fantastic story, this story, as well as her sequels, are just as enchanting and haunting. Twisting and turning tales spin Gemma Doyle to Spence Academy for young women. Gemma opens the doors to the realms soon after her mother’s mysterious death.
        They realize that there is magic in the realms, which is great at first, but then soon identified to be dangerous. She and her loyal friends are dazzled and distressed by the ancient history of the Realms. Gemma, often preoccupied by the thoughts of Kurtik, a handsome gypsy man, haunts her mind. Is he trying to help her, or hurt her? Gemma and her friends are often pulled from this magic land to attend tea parties, balls, and opera.   What’s to become of them, the magic, and this evil energy the creatures of the Realms call Circe?
        A Great and Terrible Beauty has many, many twists and turns. Not too many turns to get confused though. I fell in love with the heart of this story right away. I know you will never be able to put this book down. It takes a hold of you like a disease that will never be cured, and when you finish this tale, I guarantee you will never even want to think of a possible cure.
 Reviewed by N.B.  3/1/2008

Guardians of Ga'hoole #10: The Coming of Hoole
by  Kathryn Lasky
        Adventurous and suspenseful The Coming of Hoole is a book you will adore and at the same time hate.
        In a world that’s reverting to chaos an extraordinary tale of resistance shines through the dark as the tale of a young owl prince and his mother’s resistance against the evil some hagsfiends unfolds.
        On a tiny isolated island an owl prince is born. Having no known knowledge of who he really is Hoole believes he is just another owlet that was orphaned in the war. As his affectionate caretakers, Grank and Theo, struggle to provide for the ever-growing Hoole, he gains the very scarce ability of flame reading. Every night while Grank and Theo sleep, Hoole reads the flames of the blacksmith’s fires. Until one night Hoole recognizes an image. A sensation stirs with in Hoole’s gizzard. It’s someone he thought he’d never had and never known. When she unexpectedly arrives at one of his most terrifying and horrific experiences and rescues him, Hoole is amazed. Unfortunately, she disappears not long after words. It was at that point in time Hoole learns that he’s a king.
        Over this entire book is “gizzard-quaking” experience with an ending that will pull at your heartstrings and create a river of warm tears running down your face.
Reviewed by C.H.  1/19/2007

Guardians of Ga'hoole #5: The Shattering
by Kathryn Lasky
        In Kathryn Lasky’s genius fifth book to the Guardians of Ga’Hoole series the whole band of owls are back to rise you to your feet again. Yet it is still just as good as the other books in the series, so you will rise out of your seat and cheer.
        In this book Soren (leader of the band) gets confused when Eglantine (Soren’s sister) claims that she was having magnificent dreams about her ma even though she was screaming in the middle of day in her sleep. It all starts when Ginger (an ex pure one) becomes Eglantines new best friend while pushing Primrose (Eglantines best friend) and Eglantine apart. Making Primrose feel left out and sad.
        Is it only coincidence that Eglantines strange dreams and mother sightings start happening when Ginger moves in? Is her Ma really alive? And will Soren and Primrose be pushed farther away from Eglantine while Ginger gets closer? All of those! and other questions will be answered in the fantastic book The Shattering. So go and read it
Reviewed by S.T. 3/1/2008

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
by J.K. Rowling
        Hey you with the Playstation 2 controller in your 2 button taping hands.  Why don’t you turn off the game, put the controller down and read a breathtaking book for crying out loud.  Like Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.
        As you may have guessed already, Harry, Ron and Hermione are back in the huge castle know as Hogwarts.  Harry is living with his cruel uncle Vernon and his wife and son Dudley.  Vernon says that he cannot go back to that castle.  Even a poor slaved house elf named Dolby won’t let him go to the place where he says that something bad is going to happen.  So he goes back anyways and found his friends and started his year.  Sounds like a no suspenseful right.
        Sadly during the year, people are getting petrified.  How you say?  Maybe it’s a monster that if you stare in the eye you die. Perhaps it is a giant spider named Aragog.  Some people say that it is Harry Potter himself.  Heir of slytherin, who could this mysterious person be.  Plus who is this mysterious Tomas Von Riddle? Is it Harry’s real godfather?  Hopefully it isn’t the assassin of Harry’s Parents, or so called He-Who-Must-Be-Named.
        This magical book can take your heart by surprise.  As you get started with the book you will stick to your thoughts like super glue.  If being suspenseful is a paying job this book would have more money than Bill Gates.  This book is a must read for fantasy lovers.
        Well what are you waiting for?  You know some of this extraordinary book.  Oh never mind, you are already reading.
Reviewed by B.J. 1/19/2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
by J. K. Rowling
        I’m going to tell you about Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows. This book is written by J.K. Rowlings.
        In this book people are being killed & disappearing. Voldamort (the main villain) is behind this and his faithful death eaters (his followers) too. The order of the Phoenix (the good guys) is trying to stop him. Voldamort is trying to kill Harry Potter (the main character).  He and his friends Ron and Harmony (his best friends) are trying to find a way to stop him.  In the process Voldamort Takes control of the ministry of magic (the government that control the Wizarding world).  Near the end of the book a giant war breaks out on Hogwarts grounds between death eaters and the older Hogwarts students and The order of the phoenix comes to help. And giants come to the battle. Creatures come and help the battle.
        When you read this book you’ll keep rereading this book. Even though you’re done.
      Reviewed by Z.T.  3/1/2008

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
by J.K. Rowling
         Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is an exciting new thriller and mystery for young teenagers as well as adults.  This new book written by J.K. Rowling is making kids have more fun with reading.   In this new magical and wondrous novel Harry and his friends Ron and Hermione, must tackle some extreme challenges.  They are also learning to disapparate, which is not an easy task for young witches and wizards.
        Also in the book, Harry finds himself knowing more about the evil wizard named Voldemort, who killed his parents, and who tried to kill him.  Harry has faced Voldemort many times, and has not ceased to try and stop him from killing other witches and wizards. Harry knows that many people of the wizarding community are counting on him to stop Voldemort.  They think that he is the only one who can finish him off.
        During Harry’s sixth year at Hogwarts he will have to keep a look on everything that is going on.  One bad move or turn and he could find himself being killed.  He doesn’t know who to trust.  Meanwhile, he is having meetings with Dumbledore.  During these meetings he is supposed to be finding out about Voldemort’s weaknesses.
        Will he and Dumbledore be able to stop Voldemort?  Will Harry be able to succeed in doing the task of which the community wants him to take care of? Will Harry be able to do it without getting killed?  Read this wonderful novel for yourself and just sink into the depths of the wizarding world, when you read this wonderful book.
Reviewed by R.M. 2/17/2006

Harry Potter And The Prisoner of Azkaban
by J.K. Rowling
        This book is cool because Harry finds out about his godfather Sirius black, who is wrongly accused of murdering fifteen people with a single curse. When harry finds out about this man aurther weasley who is Rons dad tells him to stay away from him.
        But when strange gifts start coming for harry from Sirius the hunt begins to find Sirius. A week after they start looking for Sirius they go to hagrids house he’s the gamekeeper, and they run into drakeo, and he asks them were there going, and hermione punches him in the face! So drako and his crew run in to the nurse. And they continue to hagrids house to ask him about Sirius
        Hagrid tells them that he has broking out of askaban. And hagrid tells harry that Sirius is his godfather. After they all freak out they go back to the dorm, and hermione goes to bed. Harry and Ron stay in the main room and keep talking about Sirius. After about an hour they go to bed. And when they wake up there are presents under the tree. Harry and Ron start going thought the stuff that they got for Christmas. Ron got a sweater that his mom made for him. And harry got an invisibility cloche, and Harry will use it later in the story
Reviewed by C.P.  3/1/2008

How I Changed My Life
by Todd Strasser
        How I Changed My Life is a story about a teen age girl that loves the theater. Every year she’s in the play, but once she found out Chloe was going to play the lead role in the last play of their high school life she starts having doubts. Bo and her two best friends hate Chloe, although Bo starts to see a different side of her! She starts hanging out with he to get the play the best that it can be, in fact they start becoming friends!
        Bo decides to change her hair, clothes, and entire look just to get a boy (the captain of the football team) to like her! Only problem is he’s going out with Chloe! In this book it is from two points of view: Kyle’s and Bo’s. They both share their personal lives from how Kyle’s step mom wants to take him to a shrink to Bo sharing how her dad died.
        I’m telling you to read this book because you’ll keep reading until the last page!  So go to the library and pick the book up and enjoy!
Reviewed by S.B.  3/1/2008

How to Be a Vampire
by R.L. Stine
        If you have never heard of How to Be a Vampire I think it would be a spectacular book for you to read and you will never want to put it down unless you’re too scared.
       How to Be a Vampire is a written book by R.L. Stine that is superb and its fiction so it will make it more brilliant so you will want to read it even more.
        Something about How to Be a Vampire is that it’s about a boy named T.J. and Andrew but T.J. is sad about Andrew getting bit by a vampire, and becomes just like a vampire. Andrew also get’s all the abilities just like a real vampire too. When Andrew get’s an encounter with a real vampire who ask him to bring with him the book he found under his bed that told him stuff about what happens to vampires after they happen to him. Later on the vampire showed him how to hunt, but he first started out hunting a rabbit then he would start to hunt humans and suck there blood but he didn’t actually want to hunt people or rabbits so he wasn’t to happy.
        Now from all those griping and wicked details to get you to read this book would you read it now? When you are finished reading this book you will most likely jump out of your pants because it’s out standing and magnificent.
       Reviewed by K.F.  3/1/2008

I Know Who Likes You
by Bruce Brooks
        If you like baseball books than I Know Who Likes You is the book for you.
        Swimming Pool is the pitcher for the baseball team she’s a really fast pitcher and her mom and dad want her to go to charm school. She really battles at her mom about going to charm school. When Swimming Pool got to charm school she had to walk with books on her head and the worst of all she had to dance with someone at a ball. So she asked Ernie to dance with her.
        Ernie is the right fielder and wants to be the manager for the team but they wont let him. But he decided to come. But he didn’t know it was a competition. After he got there Swimming Pool came kind of late then she tolled Ernie that they would have to dance any of the three songs and if the charm school teacher picks the dance that you are dancing you are out of the competition. They got down to the finals and won the competition but after that Swimming Pool got three strikes and got thrown out of class. Well at the end Swimming Pool had a ginormous pool party and they were all glade it was over. Will Swimming Pool be able to play baseball again you can find out if you read the book.
Reviewed by J.P.  1/19/2007

by Chris D’Lacey
        “NOOOOO!” Lucy shrilled. Reasons for the shrill are intriguing ones. “HELP DAVI HELP!” she shrills with even more power. You’ll love how suspenseful this book is. Therefore it will make you want to keep reading. “I don’t like you anymore David!” Lucy’s mad now.
        “Be quite.” David yells at Lucy. He has put Lucy’s mom in great danger.  “Aunty Gwyneth, I need you to wake Liz right now!”
        “Get lost!” Aunty Gwyneth screams at David because he begins to fall through the floorboards. You will dislike Aunty Gwyneth.
        “AHHHHHHH!” screams David as he falls.
        Man does it sound awesome or what? Jam-packed with action that will blow your mind away.  As well as action it has some romance.
        Zanna asks, “David, when does this Sophie come back? Will it interfere with us?”
        “No.” David answers. “At least I don’t think.”
        David is romantic, confused, concerned, and frightened all at once and it is amazing how he shows it!
        “Zanna, get Lucy to a safe spot!”
        “What about mom?” Lucy screams concerned.
        “I’ll take care of that and of Aunty Gwyneth!” David answers back.
        Lucy can’t hold back the pain she has inside of her and tries to let David know, but David some how finds a way to ignore her.  So as a result, the dragons start to dislike David.
        All I’m giving out is what I’ve already told, but IceFire is an action packed book a long with irreplaceable.
Reviewed by M.Y.  1/19/2007

Island #2: Survival
by Gordon Korman
        Island a shipwrecking story, that will make you wonder what would happen next. It is an adventurous book and it will keep you from going anywhere.
        Six kids shipwrecked, CNC, Charting a new Course, stranded on an Island, Had nothing but Coconuts and bananas, could it get any worse than this. Yes it can. They got on this trip because they got into trouble, so like Luke a twelve year old kid got in trouble because someone put a gun in his locker and he got blamed for it, Ian a eleven year old kid who just couldn’t keep his eyes of the TV , Alyss and Will brothers and sister just couldn’t stop fighting, Charla a thirteen year old girl who liked to try out for everything, and J.J a actors son who drove his Harley into a window and opened a bottle of champagne at a party. Therefore they had to go on this trip, until the shipwreck .They found some other people on the island. But they weren’t just any ordinary people they were murders, poachers who bought illegal animal parts and that’s were they bought them. Junior a atomic bomb that was suppose to go off in World War two, but it never happened they said they never built it and if it went into the wrong hands it could be deadly.
        Now you don’t want me to say anymore. Go out and read it!
Reviewed by K.L.  3/1/2008

Jade Green
by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
        Suspense can be found on every page of this phenomenal mystery. I can tell the author knew what she was doing and thought out this plot carefully and with precision. Judith’s parents died and she is sent to live with her uncle Geoffrey and her cousin Charles she has never met, and live with them in the quiet and small town of Whispers. Thrilled and frightened are her only emotions when meeting them.
        Only one condition is required for Judith’s living there. No green allowed in the house; although, when Judith breaks that rule by bringing her mother’s beloved picture she can not part with, with the green velvet frame, a spine-shivering secret is unleashed; however, Judith doesn’t know what to do and her cousin Charles has already grown to hate her. So she suspects him to be involved with this horrifying secret.
        Will Judith make it alive with the astonishing and deadly secret roaming in the house? When will she find out if Charles is the source of it? Who will die and who will live? Reading this amazing, bamboozling, and mystifying book will make you hide under your covers!
Reviewed by E.D.  3/1/2008

Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher
by Bruce Coville
        Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher by Bruce Cocille is a fiction book, but is one of the most detailed book that I’ve read for its size.
        Dragon Hatcher is about a boy (Jeremy) who has problems of his own already bought a round colorful ball that he thought was amazing. When he took it home it didn’t turn out to be so amazing, as a result, it was a dragon’s egg which made an even bigger problem. While he takes care of the dragon he names it Tiamat and finds out that he is the only one able to see her which made hiding her a lot easier. Then one day Marry Lou came over and was able to see Tiamat which surprised Jeremy but it also alleviated him because he was tired of keeping a huge secret to himself. After a while he grew attached to the Tiamat, but finds out he has to take her home Because of this he starts to get sad just thinking about taking her home. Will Jeremy take her home?
        Read this book and it will suffice you to laugh, cry, or maybe both. Additionally you will find out if Jeremy takes Timat home or not.
Reviewed by Z.A.  3/1/2008

The Kid Who Ran for President
by Dan Gutman
        How would you feel to have a 12 year old boy as President of the United States? This books genres are, fiction/realistic, political, and really exciting. Judson Moon-is a boy and he’s running to be the next president of the United States. June Syers- Judson’s running mate for Vice-President. Lane Brainard- Judson’s campaign manager. Abby Goldstine- Who Judson asked to be his First Babe/Lady.
        My opinions are, if you like books that can relate to real life than this book is for you. Yet this book tells a life lesson, “Don’t start something that you cannot Finnish, other than this I love this book. Plot of this book is, a 12-year-old boy named Judson Moon having a dream of being the president of the United States. He will need a lot of help and money. Hopefully he gets the help he needs, and gets his campaign on the go. He has a thought, that if you are running for president, you will need to have a First Lady but, he realizes that’s not a good enough name, so he calls her, his first babe.
        If you read this book you will never want to stop reader. It doesn’t matter if you are a slow reader it’s a fast book. So read my book if you have the chance, The Kid Who Ran for President.
      Reviewed by M.G.  3/1/2008

Kingdom of the Golden Dragon
by Isabel Allende
        Adventurous describes Kingdom of the Golden Dragon when its marvelous characters take an exciting voyage to a mysterious palace where a king lives. Supposedly there is a mystical dragon that reveals the future to whoever possesses the dragon, but you have to know the instructions to open the dragon’s power. Some main characters are a boy named Alex, a girl named Nadia and a grandmother named Lisa Cold and a Buddhist with great powers to help train a prince named Dil Bahadur that will soon take the throne quicker than he imagined.
        Kingdom of the Golden Dragon is a great book that your going to want to read, it also has action that has to do with a gang that they call the Blue Warriors that are really dangerous to everyone around. There are more characters, like the prince he falls in love with a young girl named Pema who lives in the village. She also gets caught by the Blue Warriors along with some other girls and the police have no idea where to look. So it’s up to a boy named Alex and his friend Nadia who has the power to disappear at will.
        There’s one other character that is leading the Blue Warriors, and his name is Texas Armadillo. He’s the problem to the whole story in the beginning. Its time for you to read Kingdom of the Golden Dragon, to figure out this problem.
Reviewed by D.W.  1/19/2007

Last Shot
by John Feinstein
        Congratulations! You have just won the USBWA writing contest and you will be flying to New Orleans to cover the Final Four. As a result of that opening letter to Stevie Thomas will start one of the best books of the year! John Feinstein writing style is awe-inspiring, and as an author he will go far; his attention to detail is perfect and every page makes you want to read more and more of the book!
        Susan Carol and Stevie (the two main characters) go sightseeing in the basketball dome, but to their surprise they see a door ajar, and, being good reporters, they go through the door and over heard unordinary thing blackmail! Who could and would blackmail Minnesota States best “student athlete”? Could it be Duke, St.Joe, an outranged fan, or an old friend gone to the other side?
        In other words, you have got to read this book! If you love basketball or a great mystery then pick up Last Shot and Vanishing Act: Mystery at the U.S. Open also by John Feinstein. Will Stevie and Susan Carol find a story and make a load of new friends? Find out when you read Last Shot.
Review by L.M.  1/19/2007

The Lost Boy
by David J. Pelzer
        In this book, there is a lot of drama, and suspense. I don’t know how author David Pelzer could have put up with all the abuse and hatred that his mother bestowed upon him.
        In the book The Lost Boy, David Pelzer finally got away from his abusive mother. After he took her to court, and became a permanent ward of the court, David had to go live with a foster family. David’s mother tried to think of every possible way to make sure that her son would get sent away for good. He never really stayed in one home for long, he was always in one for like a couple of weeks, then he would get switched.
        David wasn’t very social; he was always shy and never tried to get in anybodies way. After a while he finally made a friend. His friend, as he found out later wasn’t really a good friend, he was conniving and sly. He was always getting into trouble, and tried to convince David to do some of the bad things with him. One of his plans was to decimate the school, or burn it down, but David would not. If you want to find out what happens to David, read this book.
        You will love The Lost Boy, it is a very sad, and dramatic book, that tugs at your heart. I am looking forward to reading his next book in his trilogy.
Reviewed by J.H.  1/19/2007

by Jerry Spinelli
        Milkweed has an amazing story line that is a top-notch treatment for your mind.
        Stopthief has no real name or no were to live on the street in Warsaw. As he was stilling bread from an old lady he ran into a guy named Uri. After a wile the Jackboots arrived, (The Nazis) they were killing Jews and torturing them by making them clean the street with there bread. And then would make them eat it.  Because they were cruel, the Nazis painted them yellow, then painted yellow stars on house and businesses to let other know who was a Jew. Stopthief has several names like Dirty Jew, Runt, and Misha.  Another boy that has so many names, believes in angels. He thanks that they will bless him, and they will bring Uri and him food. But with all the stuff he did they did. He meet this girl named Janna, and stated to live with them. That girl is a big part of the story. In the story Milkweed, he goes with the girl to a hide out, with her and her family. All they can here is guns shot and screaming.  Because the Jackboots knocked at their door. They got really scared. But when the Nazis noted down the door. Misha and everyone else were not there. Luckily they escaped.
        Then when the thought that no Nazi was not there they came out of there hiding spot.   Therefore that how the book Milkweed gave me a top-notch treatment for my mind.  It will do the same for you. You heaved to read this amazing book Milkweed.
Reviewed by M.M.  1/19/2007

The Million Dollar Shot
by Dan Gutman
        Million Dollar Shot is a book that will keep you guessing. The whole 1friend Annie helps him with his shooting, but then her dad helps him, and everybody Eddie gets better, and better. After Mr.Finkle visits Eddie he trys to beg Eddie to miss the shot, and it leaves Eddie confused.
        A while goes by, and Eddie decides to tell Mr.Finkle that he was going for the shot, and then Mr.Finkle pays people to put signs up telling Eddie to miss the shot. One day at school his friends came, and confessed to him that they were the one’s that put the signs up, and he forgave them. Couple days later it was almost time to put the big shot up. When he got to the NBA finals there were a ton of people waiting to see Eddie take the shot. Right before Eddie takes the shot, and he feels sick from some shrimp he had eaten before. Well that’s all I can tell you for the ending read the book, and find out.
        I like this book because you can really get on the edge of your seat trying to figure out what’s going to happen next. Another thing that I thought was good that Eddie entered the contest to try to win the poem contest. Go out and get this book, and get to reading this book.
  Reviewed by N.J.  3/1/2008

The Million Dollar Strike
by Dan Gutman
        Thrilling, amazing, action, and strange. These are words that describe The Million Dollar Strike by Gordon Kormon.
        His book is about when this crazed man named Mr. Z lets two kids remodel his loved bowling alley because he thinks the world is going to end. Kind of weird, huh? You can’t forget that Squishy thinks he’s a maniac because he shines his head with a bowling ball polisher. If you ask me Squishy Watches too many scary movies. In the book, Ouchie gets beat up and squishy does not help him. I mean, Come on. Why does the main person get beat up? It should not happen. Squishy should have helped him. This event makes a lot of drama between them.
        Those are some things that make the Million Dollar Strike so good. Even if you start this book you will crave the book. I Guarantee It that you will find it irresistible. If you read this book, you will really feel like you are taking a strike for a million dollars.
Reviewed by A.E.  3/1/2008

by Catherine MacPhail
        Was she dreaming when the phone rang? Was that Derek or just a silly prank that they thought was so funny? If you like suspenseful, mysterious, nail biting book you will love this book Missing by Catherine Macphail.
        Astonishing, legendary, characters Maxine, Derek, and horrifying mean Sweeny. Maxine, Derek and Sweeny all go to school and come home bored like we all do sometimes do but it was mysterious that Maxine’s brother Derek went to school with here and didn’t come back that afternoon. That is where it all starts.
        Maxine’s mom and dad didn’t care about Maxine as much as Derek. Maxine’s mom went to church and prayed to God for hours and tears pouring down her face hoping Derek would come back. Finally Maxine’s father called up a fortune teller to tell what there destiny would come to. Maxine went to bed every night frightening and questioning why Derek didn’t come home? Was it Sweeny?
        I like Missing a lot because bullying is really happening at many schools. The book held great interest sometimes I would be convinced that Derek was really dead and at others times, I thought he was alive.
        I know you will like this book as much as I did. Find out, is Derek alive or is he dead?
Reviewed by A.G.  3/1/2008

        Missing is a mystification book about a girl named Maxine who feels derelict because of her brother, Derek.
        Derek went to school one morning and never returned.   All her mom thinks about is Derek.   Maxine’s dad doesn’t pay much attention to her either.   Although he’s not as obsessed with Derek being gone.   Everyday Maxine goes to church and hopes that Derek’s dead.   Knowing its wrong, but she thinks if he is dead her mom will love her again.
        As times passes by everything gets more complicated.   Police come and say they might have found Derek’s body; they need the parents to go identify it.   Later that night Maxine gets a call.   On the other end of the phone, a boy claimed to be Derek.   When they hung up Maxine was left in befuddlement.   Her parents returned and said that it was Derek and that he is dead.   Therefore Maxine decided not to mention the phone call from the supposedly Derek.
        Soon after, he calls back and asks her to meet him at the church.  Feeling harebrained for believing him, she goes to the church.    Your hands will be glued to the book until the end.   Cathrine Macphail wrote this amazing book.   Main characters are Derek, Maxine, mom, dad, Cam, and Sweeney.   I noticed that this book teaches kids that bullying people can cause a lot of damage and pain for not just the kid who’s getting bullied, but also the families.
       Reviewed by B.S.  3/1/2008

Money Hungry
by Sharon Flake
        Thrilling, amazing, dumb founding, and all around satisfying. Money Hungry is outrageously exiting because of all the twist and turns.
Raspberry Hill, a young high school girl, is always craving money. She gets more, then she gets the more she wants
        Living the life of a high school girl, in the projects, thriving for money, isn’t a good one. That’s exactly how Raspberry Hill lives. Raspberry Hill is a bought to go threw some tragic moments when her best friend Janie’s grandfather gets a little to nosey. Because of This Raspberry Hill and her mother get robbed. How, why, then what? Theses are questions you might be asking. Are you?  Well if you are you will just have to read the book yourself.
        Read this astonishing book and wonder no more, read this astonishing book and be amazed. More exhilarating and breathtaking than any other books you’ve read. I guarantee you will fall in love with this book and the thrills it will take you on.
        Because, every page, paragraph and even sentence you will find a new surprise. You will find this book to be quite eye gluing as I did. I think you will find the same as I did.
                                                     Reviewed by C.G.  3/1/2008

On the Run #4:  The Stowaway Solution
by Gordon Korman
        You will enjoy reading this adventures book. It has a lot of criminal actions. Read the most suspenseful novel, The Stowaway Solution by Gordon Korman.
        Aiden and Margaret Falconer are on a mission to prove their parents innocents. In the process they herd sirens chasing them in an ATV, trucks, cars, on foot, and more.  This book Aiden and Meg are stowing away riskily on a jalousies shipment of chili oil to Denver. On the ship Aiden and Meg got hungry Aiden, being the critical thinker realizes that they keep food and water on the lifeboat and every big ship has a lifeboat. Oh! No! The security found the chili barrels that they were hiding in for most of the trip. Now the search is on. Sailors dressed in yellow ponchos are look high and low for intruders. Aiden hatched another idea the ship might have a water tank so they put on ponchos to blend in with the sailors.
        Will Aiden and Meg’s plan work; will they escape alive if at all? What will Aiden do with the water tank? Go to your local bookstore and get the book!
Reviewed by S.Y.  1/19/2007

On the Run #6:  Hunting the Hunter
by Gordon Korman
        This book is book 6 from On the Run series. It’s called Hunting the Hunter.   I’m going to tell that this book will fit you if you like adventure books.
        There are four main characters; Aiden and Meg Falconer, Frank Lindenauer, and agent Harris. The whole point of this book is Aiden and Meg Falconer are running from agent Harris. On the other hand, the falconers are trying to capture a specially trained killer who they remember from way back years ago. Will they catch the killer or not? Well who knows you just have to read and find out. People don’t normally like adventure books, but I know some kids that do like Steven King books. My best friend likes them Steven King, Gordon Korman and horror books.
        Meanwhile, I highly suggest this sad book to anyone who loves to read. Also, I suggest the whole series to anyone by Gordon Korman. I think this book is the saddest, heartbreaking book out of all Gordon Korman’s series. Just please take my offer I think you would love this book.
        Reviewed by A.G.  3/1/2008

        This book is very exciting Aiden and Meg are the main charters in this book and hairless Joe this book is easy to read it is my reading level.
        The book is written by Gordon Korman she has plenty of books but on this book she has series of in this book Aiden an Meg are trying to free there parents from a lifetime in prison they have a killer after them which is Hairless Joe.
        They found out that the killer is the only one that can free their parents. Even though he is armed and dangerous. Aiden and Meg Falconer are risking everything to free their parents. They got the name hunting the Hunter because in the book Aiden and Meg falconer are hunting the killer that is trying to kill them, which is Hairless Joe. At the end they get there parents out of jail and are free to do what they want. This book is a action packed book and is very good to read.
Reviewed by J.M.  1/19/2007

by Roland Smith
        Peak, by Roland Smith, is an enthralling and adventurous book. It keeps you hooked from beginning to end. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for an adventure.
        Peak is a natural climber; he got that from his mother Teri and his father Josh, two very famous climbers. By a young age he is climbing up walls and anything he can find, but his urge to climb soon gets him into trouble with the law. Peak is climbing things he shouldn’t and tagging the things he shouldn’t be climbing and the police finally catch him in the act. A court date is set. It is decided in the end that Peak will leave his home with his mom Teri and live with Josh, his dad. Josh and Peak head home, but they make a stop on the way; Peak is shocked with joy and also fears when he finds he will be climbing Mt. Everest
        Will Peak decide to climb the treacherous mountain? Will he make it to the top and become the youngest person to ever summit Mt. Everest? Read this fantastic book by Roland Smith to find out.
   Reviewed by E.C.  3/1/2008

Pendragon #1: The Merchant of Death
by D.J. MacHale
        If you like books like Harry Potter and Artemis Fowl you will love these books. D.J. Machale has made a series that will keep you busy while you wait for the next Harry Potter or Atremis Fowl. You may also like it if you have interest in books that make you think and have fast-paced action.
        Bobby Pendragon is a 14-year-old boy who has had his life turned upside down. He is torn away from his seemingly normal life on Earth and is forced to go with his uncle into places unknown. On his way to where his uncle is taking him they run into Saint Dane. He is trying to stop everything that they do throughout this whole series.
        The main characters in this book are Bobby, Mark, his best friend birth, Courtney, his girlfriend, his uncle Press, that takes him on this journey, and Saint Dane, the evil man that they are fighting against to save all of Halla (you will find out what I mean if you read this book).
Reviewed by K.C.  1/19/2007

by Natasha Friend
        In this emotional, eye- popping, wonderful, enjoying book called Perfect, written by Natasha Friend, Isabelle will have you sitting on the edge of your chair wondering what’s going to happen next.
        13 year old Isabelle Lee has an eating disorder, and her little sister, April (Ape Face) has just ratted her out. Now she attends “Eating Disorder and Body Image Therapy Group” because it was the deal between her and her mom. However, that’s not the only problem in her life right now; Isabelle is still dealing with the loss of her father who was like her best friend and every night she hears her mom, lying in bed crying, non-stop and saying his name because she misses him so much. When Isabelle is at group, she is stunned when Ashley Barnum, the prettiest, richest girl at her school walks through the door.
        Where Isabelle lives, image is all that matters, but now, her life is changing and her and her family is a lot happier. I think that if you like books that surprise you and relate to the world, you will read Perfect.
       Reviewed by A.W.  3/1/2008

The Prophet of Yonwood
by Jeanne DuPrau
        If you like a fiction stories the prophet of yonwood is a great book to read if you like fiction stories. This book is about under ground people that work and have one huge generator that run the city of ember. People of ember have to go to school until they are sixteen then they get a job then read more and get to the third book and you’re in for a surprise because the prophet says that the whole world is going to be destroyed but if they keep up there prayers then god will spare them.
        The little girl named Nickie sees a light upstairs and goes up there later then she can’t find anything the she hears a whimper but she can’t find it then she goes and eats then goes back up and finds a really really skinny girl and dog that helped her great grandpa before he passed away.
        In this book they are watching out for terrorists and they say that they see them in the woods right beside them and they have break-ins all the time.
Reviewed by T.I.  3/1/2008

by Paul Zindel
        In this terrifying, abnormal adventure you will get to meet the most    unexpected heroes of the day. The outstanding book Rats, by Paul Zindel, who is also a great author, makes Sarah and Michael battle to the finish.
        Fifteen-year-old Sarah Macafee, a brave soul. Ten-year-old Michael Macafee, Sarah’s younger brother. Rats, vicious, devouring, monstrous beast. Sarah and Michael, two very brave souls, out on a quest to save Staten Island. With breathe taking action, a thriller of a ride, and bloody fun experience. In the beginning of this thriller, a mid-aged man is on his last day at the dump, there are thousands rat. So Leroy gets a bb gun and starts to get trigger-happy. You can imagine what a man with a bb gun would do to a ton of rats. I know, sounds fun, doesn’t it? It does in my book. But don’t get your hopes up; he only gets it for a while. He made the “poor” little critters angry, so they ate him up!
        This book is for all those crazy about gore and action readers. Other than all the gore, this book is off the hook. So if it’s in a library near you check it out.
 Reviewed by M.S.  3/4/2008

The Righteous Revenge of Artemis Bonner
by Walter Dean Myers
        Why the Righteous Revenge will interest you? It will interest because it has a lot of excitement and if you like thrillers you will love this book. It also has lots of adrenalin and journeys also humor. That’s why I read this book, if you want to know more keep reading.
        Righteous Revenge is a book about a boy Artemis Bonner who is trying to avenge his uncle’s death by trying to kill nasty Catfish grimes also trying to search for his uncle’s treasure. Artemis hopes to find the gold to support his single mother. On the way he finds a friend and they both are on the trail trying to kill catfish. During the most of the journeys they have to get jobs to support themselves.
        This is why you are going to choose this book. You are going to choose it because it has humor that will make you laugh.  It has lots of journeys and adventures. That’s why you should read this book; it has lots of excitement for an old western book.
       Reviewed by L.O.  3/1/2008

Septimus Heap #3: Physik
by Angie Sage
        Angie Sage has outdone herself again in her new book of the Septimus Heap series with her new book Physik. It has more magic, action, and adventure than any other book on this planet. Physik has Septimus, Jenna, Nikko, and all the characters you have come to love and adore from Magyk and Flyte. Also, there are some newer and more loving Characters too. Yet, then on the other hand some evil and nastier ones as well.
        In Physik, an evil queen (ghost) called by the name of Queen Etheldredda, who is stuck-up and does not care about anyone but herself, gets out of a room she has been sealed in for half a millennium.
        Also, Septimus, ExtraOrdinary Apprentice, is taken through a magical looking glass by Marcellus Pye, famous Alchemist and Physician and son to Queen Etheldredda, no one has any idea where he is until Septimus writes a note and slides it into a book the Marcellus wrote called I, Marcellus and Marcia Overstrand, current ExtraOrdinary Wizard also who Septimus is apprenticed to, from 500 years back in time. How can this Be? Jenna’s Love and heart ache to find Septimus is keeping her going to find her brother.
        Where is Septimus? Will he ever return? Can Jenna and Septimus ever be reunited? You will want more after you’ve read this book. Read the book Physik and find out!
 Reviewed by C.S. 3/1/2008

A Series of Unfortunate Events #8: The Hostile Hospital
by Lemony Snicket
        You are probably wondering why in the world is this book called The Hostile Hospital ,because this story dose not have happiness  it is all about three terrified children’s lives.  If you dare summarize about them read ahead.
        Okay there is a lot of things kids shouldn’t do but sunny, Klaus/ and Violet do what shouldn’t do but they do.  It starts out that the Beudelaires are walking away from an angry people from the V.F.D., but they find them self’s stuck in a general store with two people that want to get them but, they escape and go with members of the V.F.D. and, go with them to a hospital to cheer the patients there and, of chores they had to be cheered up as well.
        When they get there their asked them to help a man in the library of records but, they have to do what they never thought of doing also you have to read it to find out what it is they did.  Then Esma and Olaf kidnapped Violet and discarded to kill her in front of people in an operation so it will be an accident, but to find out what happens to here you have to read it by your self.
        Okay I will not tell you more; otherwise you wouldn’t grab this mind grabbing book. I promise you won’t stop reading about this mysterious and monstrous people in these children’s lives.
  Reviewed by O.C.  3/1/2008

A Series of Unfortunate Events #13: The End
by Lemony Snicket
        From the day I read The Bad Beginning, I knew that I was in for the ride of my life. Traveling From the city to the country and everywhere in between, the siblings have escaped death countless times and endured the wrath of Count Olaf. But through the whole series this final version leaves a lot to be desired.
        Although the siblings have been through thirteen books they never found the answers they were trying to find. For instance what was in the sugar bowl?  Are the Quagmires okay what is v.f.d
        If this was my series I would of answered everything that has not been told and not leave my readers bewildered. Aside from that, the series has its fair share of death and misery even through some questions will never be answered this was a complex way to end a good series. Through the eyes of the siblings you see the pain that overcomes them when they see the aftermath of the fire that destroys the mansion the answers that will shock and rock your world.
Reviewed by B.S. 1/19/2007

The Silent Boy
by Lois Lowry
        Meager Jacob didn’t know that what he did was wrong, he just was trying to do what he thought what was right. He didn’t know that it was going end up like this.
        The Silent Boy is about a boy who is in his teens and nobody understands him. He never talks, but Kate still understands him it is like they connect in a way, the kind of the way he connects to animals.  Kate is a very caring botched teen and is always trying to help him like the being their for him when no one else does and treating him the way she wants to be treated. Like the time she wanted him to come to her birthday party but her parents wouldn’t let her so he just gave him one of her favorite marbles so that he doesn’t feel sad. Nobody really likes Jacob because they say he is different from everyone else but why should that matter? Jacobs’s family is very poor and can get by only with the things that they grow and by working in the mill. When Jacobs mom has a baby he doesn’t know what to do he knows his parents don’t want it so one day he carried it to Kate’s house. Soon you will be at the rim of your seat reading faster and faster hoping it never ends. Then its over and you will want to read more.
        Does the baby live to the end? And what is going to ensue to Jacob and Kate at the end of the story you’ll have to read to find out.
Reviewed by C.G.  1/19/2007

Silent to the Bone
by E.L Konigsburg
         Silent To The Bone is a breath taking and mind-boggling book.  It’s so sweet that Connor and Margaret are reunited because of the situation with Branwell. Connor is such a good friend to Bran because he goes and sees him every day; I personally find it very touching. It was very off- putting how Branwell and Connor communicated the way they did. Silent To The Bone is a very compelling book. In the end of Silent To The Bone Branwell is very morally revealing.
        I was very hooked on the story line, it really got into the action in the third paragraph, but at first it doesn’t really seem interesting but stick with it. Vivian has a lot of quirks in this book, like she couldn’t stop smoking. As a result the story line is very self-explanatory, in what ends up happening to Nikki. The story unravels into the truth that is very surprising but yet expected. It was nice that Margaret feed Connor pizza and cookies, after coming from the Behavioral Center after seeing Branwell. Margaret, Connor and Connor’s father are just starting to be a family again.
        Therefore Connor goes and sees Branwell everyday, and then to Margaret’s, to visit with her and to help Bran. You will cry and want to keep reading this book; it will even make you want to read it again.
        But then the story changes when Connor gets into Vivian’s trance just like Branwell had. But then Connor and Branwell snap out of it and can get the truth told.
Reviewed by T.M.  1/19/2007

The Sledding Hill
by Chris Crutcher
        Chris Crutcher, an author whose books are almost always banned, has come up with an extraordinary plot in The Sledding Hill.  As you will find, this book has many emotions: suspense, sympathy, a little action, and it will even make you laugh at times. Because of the unexpected events, you will find it is hard to put the book down.
        Coming from an unusual narrative point of view, Billy, a young man who has just died, comes back to help his friend Eddie who, in fact, has also lost his father. Not only have Eddie’s loved ones died, but Reverend Tarter, a preacher for a very abnormal and prejudice church, is nagging him relentlessly to join it and their group called YFC.
        Soon after the deaths, Eddie goes back to school. As a result, he gets involved with a literature class and starts to read a book called Warren Peece. He is really captivated by the book, but unfortunately, the school decides it is too vulgar for their minds, and takes it away from them.  Who was the person that wanted the book taken away? What does life have in store for the damaged Eddie Profit and will he ever totally recover?
        As you can tell, this book has many tragedies. It also has, at times, some very unorthodox solutions. If you’re ready to dive head first into a book with a lot of ups and downs, I suggest you go for it and read The Sledding Hill.
 Reviewed by A.M.  3/1/2008

Small Steps
by Louis Sachar
        If you don’t like roller coasters, then I would not recommend the book Small Steps.  Small Steps is an emotional roller coaster that has a little bit of everything. Joy, sorrow, passion, devotion, action, and even a little bit of comedy thrown in.
        Louis Sachar does an extraordinary job describing the life of a delinquent that is trying to rebuild his life. Theodore, also known as Armpit, tries to start over after his two years spent at Camp Green lake. First he gets a job, and has some money saved up, when an old friend (X-ray) from Camp Green lake, comes to visit. X-ray tells Armpit about his master plan, and that he just needs to borrow six hundred and fifty dollars. Since Armpit worked very long and very hard to save up all that money and he’s fretful about risking it all on a plan that might make Armpit and X-ray end up in jail.
        Meanwhile, Armpit ends up meeting a girl (Kaira Deleone), and he really likes her.  He is sure that she really likes him, too. One problem is that the girl’s stepfather gets in Armpit’s way.
        Will Armpit give X-ray the money he needs? Do Armpit and X-ray end up in jail? Do Kaira and Armpit live happily ever after? Exhilarating, extravagant, exasperating, these words don’t even begin to describe how amazingly inspiring this book truly is.
Reviewed by T.J.  3/1/2008

So B. It
by Sarah Weeks
        Tantalizing questions will be answered when you read So B. It, by Sarah Weeks.  What is soof?  Where did Mama come from?
        So B. It is about Mama, who thinks her name is So B. It, and her daughter, Heidi who show up on the doorsteps of Bernadette’s apartment.  As loving as Bernadette is, she takes them in and makes them feel at ease, but what she didn’t know was that Mama was brain dead.
        A few years late, Heidi got to thinking.  She became desperate to know more about her family when she was looking through some old pictures when she saw one that caught her eye.  In the past, Mama had added a new word to her list of twenty-three.  Soof was the word.  Heidi wouldn’t suffice; she needed to get to the bottom of this.   Reluctantly, Bernadette agreed to let her go to Liberty to find out about her family and maybe, about soof.   Will Heidi ever find out? Who is her real family? Does her internal motivation get the best of her?
        I highly recommend this book to teenagers and parents. If you are into books about realistic type mysteries, you defiantly need to read So B. It.  Although, at times events are too stretched out, it is still a wonderful book.
 Reviewed by A.A.  3/1/2008

        So B It  is a book that will make you wonder, laugh, and maybe even cry. It will grab your attention from the first page to the last. Stop missing out and join the search for that one missing word.
        Heidi is a girl whose mother has mental issues. Nor does her mother have a mother of her own; she doesn’t have a name that anyone knows of either. Mama and Heidi are forced to move in with their neighbor because Heidi’s mother can’t manage an apartment by herself. While Heidi and her mother are now living with their neighbor, Bernedette, her mother creates a strange vocabulary of her own. Heidi gets frustrated because for one she doesn’t know her mothers name, or what Soof is.  Heidi’s mother says the word Soof more than the rest of her words, and she cant think of what she’s saying so Heidi cant just ask what Soof is. So she goes on a journey to Liberty, New York to rediscover Soof.
        About a day after she leaves her money gets stolen, which is very ominous, and if that wasn’t enough, she gets homesick. While Heidi is away, she doesn’t seem to know all of the wonderful and horrible problems she will have to overcome.
        Will she ever know the meaning of Soof? Don’t sit around and read a book that’s boring and not interesting, grab up this book before there all gone.
Reviewed by H.W.  3/1/2008

by Lorie Halse Anderson
        Speak is one of those books you just can’t put down. Laurie Anderson did a magnificent job at keeping you on your toes the entire book. Anger and sorrow will make you want to jump in and fight for Melinda, the bravest girl you’ll ever know.
        Like I said before, Speak is a tough, tender, and darkly funny story about a teenage girl named Melinda who can’t seem to get over her past. Her attitude towards people is what I would call some what acerbic. Throughout the whole story Melinda is trying to confront this guy she calls “it”. Ask him why he did what he did, but she’s to scared. When she finally gets the chance will it be too late? Can Melinda face this tenacious teenage boy, or will it cost her?
        I liked this book because it was about things that can happen in real life. It kind of awakens you to the dangers of world you’re in. Laurie Anderson made you feel like you know what Melinda is feeling, like you’re her. Disappointingly, it left you with that feeling of wanting more. However, it is one of the best books I’ve ever read.
       Reviewed by J.B.  3/1/2008

         Speak, a book by Laurie Anderson, is about a teenage girl, Melinda, who is struggling to find her voice.
        Melinda is in her freshman year at Merryweather High School. Laurie Anderson describes a high school party that Melinda had gone to the previous summer and had been raped by a senior Andy Evans. She needs to find a new group of friends. She meets a girl named Heather in her gym class, and becomes friends with her. Together Melinda and Heather are total outcasts; yet, they don’t let that bring them down. Melinda spends most of her days in an abandoned janitor’s closet that she found passes to class in. So, whenever she feels like skipping math class, she makes herself a fake pass. She decorates this closet with posters and a blanket, and uses it as a hideaway to get away from everyone else in the school.
        This is an intriguing book that you won’t want to put down. Anderson describes the struggles of a teenage girl trying to find her place in the world. Speak displays friendship, integrity, pain, and patience. This book is for anyone who is trying to define who they are.
   Reviewed by C.S.  3/1/2008

        The book Speak is not a good book; it’s a great book. A unique sad story that tells teenagers what high school isn’t about; a highly recommended book for young readers.
        Melinda a girl who just started high school, started without any friends. A sad begging. But it’s not the worst part. Mel goes through a year of insults, loneliness, and sadness. She starts to skip class and sometimes even school; so the school gets the guidance councilor to call Mel’s parents. In the get together they name a lot of consequences she will face for skipping classes or school. The worst thing that could happen to her is to bump into a boy she calls IT. It is the person who ruined her life before high school even started and it happened in the summer.
        Hope for Melinda is starting to appear in the dark. She express he feelings through art. Her art teacher Mr. Freeman
really helped her through the year.
        Read this book it will really teach a lesson or two.
Reviewed by A. G. 1/19/2007

        Showing us just how dramatic and upsetting teenage life can be, author Laurie Halse Anderson shows us the horrifying suspense, and intriguing detail of teenage Melinda Sordino.
        Throughout the story, Melinda is bullied and ignored, and tries to shut out the world. Going to a party and meeting a boy who is not the nicest person in the world, is what starts the horrific relationship between Melinda and the social world. As Melinda tries to escape her pain, friends come and go. Failing three classes, and only liking one of them, Melinda fights the battle against school, teachers, and former friends.
        Melinda has the cherry on top of a great, caring friend who will be there for her no matter what. Her friend has been there for her, and is the only person she can trust. But why can’t Melinda look to her in a time of need? As Melinda struggles to reach out to her best, and only friend in a time of need she is pushed to tell everyone the truth and get help from her elders. Help Melinda fight through her terrifying battle against socialism.
        Speak was a very intense book with a lot of suspense. It will make you want to hug Melinda and make sure she will be okay. I recommend it to people young and old.
Reviewed by M.L.  1/19/2007

        Coming into high school is horrifying; but having everyone hate you for calling the cops at a party is even worse.
        Newly freshman Melinda Sordino has started off this school year badly, none of her old friends will talk to her. Melinda is facing tough times and has not told anyone about the true reason that she called the cops. She thinks that her life is over, and her terrifying secret will tear her apart; until she discovers that she has a natural talent in art.
        To Melinda art class is a place where she can get out her emotions about how she really feels. Once she meets her art teacher her feelings all change. Most of the time Melinda stays after school to talk with Mr. Freeman (art teacher), but she never brings up anything about the secret.
        At home her parents are always arguing and complaining about how her grades are slipping away. Her parents have no idea about the party and she wishes they would pay more attention toward instead of arguing.
        From one chapter to the next, you will be astonished by what misery Melinda has to go through in this book called Speak and you will be pleading for a Kleenex.
Reviewed by L.M.  1/19/2007

        Young Melinda faces the cold, harsh reality of high school, after something unimaginable happens at a party over summer break.
        On her first day of high school Melinda gets ignored, hated, and pushed around. Her classmates sneer at her and call her unbearably rude and hurtful names.  She tries to escape by skipping classes and hiding in the forgotten janitors closet. Melinda also lies, cheats and tries to be as unsocial as she can. Throughout the whole book the reader will wonder who ‘IT’ is. But will not find out until the end, and I wouldn’t want to spoil that by telling you now, would I?
        Speak is a page turning, suspenseful book. Very well structured and has a wonderful beat to the story; it will keep the reader knee deep in wonder of what will happen to Melinda. It also opens the eyes to young readers about how teasing, or simply looking the wrong way at a person could affect their life dramatically, and has an impact on adult readers too. Such as to pay more attention to how their children, or the children around them and in their lives, act. There is a powerful blend of art and literature in Speak.
        Speak is a great book for both younger and older adults to read for a heart-tugging, eye-opening experience. Read it to find out how Melinda can stand her life as it has become.
Reviewed by S.V.  1/19/2007

        In the book Speak, Melinda has to face the actuality of her life when her friends stop talking to her after something unbelievable happened at a party over the summer.
        On her first day of high school, Melinda receives demerits, gets called rude names, and is unnoticed by everyone. She tries to get away from all of this by hiding in an abandoned janitors closet and by stealing a stack of hall passes so she can skip class. Melinda also lies to her teachers, parents, and friends, skips school, stops talking altogether, and becomes extremely depressed.
        Speak is a fictional, yet almost seemingly real book that will keep readers on the edge of their seats throughout the entire story. You couldn’t even begin to imagine how sad Melinda felt through her school year. She had a horrifying thing happen to her under the trees the night of the party, and the only people who know are Melinda and Andy Evans. But neither is willing to admit it, until worse come to worse and Andy catches Melinda alone in the janitors closet alone after school one night.
        Speak is a breathtaking book about a girl who goes through the worst possible thing imaginable, but makes it through the hardest possible thing imaginable.
Reviewed by E.W.  1/19/2007

The Spell of the Sorcerer's Skull
by John Bellairs
        This is a very extraordinary, fascinating, and weird book to read this is The Spell of the Sorceress Skull.
        Now knowing that Johnny dioxin is about to go for a scary time makes most of you readers fascinated about it. But for Johnny, his best friend Fredrick, and father higges are going to have to find the prefacer and save him lets hope so. Some of the weird stuff that goes on in this book can make you go to the edge of your seat metaphorically speaking.
        The author of this book is John Bellairs a very creative person. Other people would say he has a very unique way of saying things. John has made over 6 books so fare he mite even be righting another one for his fans. Heck even I’m excided about it.
        In Johnny’s mind he is wondering where the poor prefacer is and how is he going to save him from the evil that’s within the abandoned island that their very feet will step on. Father is also wearied about the prefacer and how to find him. But Fredrick is ready to go for an adventure. So if you liked the persuasion I said. Opps didn’t mean to say that. Anyway could you at lest read this please.
Reviewed by S.S.  1/19/2007

Spy X #1:  The Code
by Peter Lerangis
        If you knew your mom was a spy what would you do, would you be happy, sad, or maybe even worried?  Andrew and Evie Wall are not just two ordinary 12 year olds because their mom is missing and they are trying there best to follow clues that are being sent through the mail every year and they get help along the way like in the first book there was a woman named Mrs. Digitalis that help them.
Andrews and Evies mother keep sending gadgets such as a key, that lets you open any door in the world, and a kaleidoscope, that the military uses to see very far places. They have been looking for their mom for about two years but I believe that they will find their mom in the fourth and last book called, Spy X: Tunnel Vision.
        Andrew and Evie Wall were abandoned by their mom on 11 11 11 and I think that they will find their mom but the only way to find out is to read the four compelling books.
Reviewed by C.M.  1/19/2007

Spy X #3: Proof Positive
by Peter Lerangis
         Spy X: Proof Positive, written by Peter Lerangis. It’s about these two twins Andrew and Evie. Trying to find their mother who had left them on their 11th birthday of the 11th month on the 11th day. Evie and Andrew have been getting boxes of mysterious gadgets, letters, codes, and clues. Secret  clues will lead them to other clues in trying to find their mother.
        Mystery/adventurous is what this book is mostly about. Proof Positive is a stimulating book. It has all kinds of twist and turns, it’s an unbelievable book. I recommend you read the first three books also. Peter Lerangis’s Spy X series is amazing. They have everything you want to read and more.
         Spy X: Proof Positive has many different lessons that doesn’t just help Andrew and Evie, there is some that can even help us, like having close friends that you can trust and share things with. For instance, Andrew and Evie have Foxglove, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin, and they have each other. So are you going to read this incredible, inspiring book? Proof Positive will have you wondering what is going to happen all the till way the end.
   Reviewed by C.T. 3/1/2008

Stanford Wong Flunks Big-Time
by Lisa Yee
        Stanford Wong is a page-turner. It has a good reputation on how the book is set out. When you read it, it feel’s like you are in your own little world, in the U.S Culture.
        Stanford Wong has flunked his English test, which he has to go to summer school. When his parents find out he is trouble. Soon as he goes to get a water bottle he notices that the test paper is on the refrigerator. A big fat “F” stands in bold letters on the test. Meanwhile Stanford gets called in from his mother. As he goes in she asks, “Stanford why did you fail this report?” she blurts out, “I do not know”!
        When his mother tells him that she is going to hirer a tutor Stanford freaks out. Especially when she says that it is a IQ Student. “Which by the way her name is Millicent Min.” Stanford’s mom tells him.
        His friends cannot know. And while he mom blabs out other things that he can and cannot do Stanford does not pay attention. However is one thing that catches Stanford while his mother is yelling “You can not be on the A team until you get those grades up!” As his mother screams.
        Stanford cannot believe his eyes.
        If you like school stories you will probably like this awesome book by Lisa Yee.
          Reviewed by B.R. 1/19/2007

The Summer of Riley
by Eve Bunting
        Do you like amazing books about dogs and realistic things? If you do you would just love the book of The Summer of Riley by Eve Bunting.
        Many parts in the book you just wont want to put the book down because its so satisfying you want to know what is going to happen next. The book is mainly about a kid named William whose grandpa dies when they where building a pond in the front yard, afterwards they went to the pound and found a really wonderful looking dog and William thinks that the dog is the perfect dog and it reminds him of his grandpa, but the dog gets its self in trouble by wanting to play with the neighbors horse because the horse hurts it leg and the neighbor blames it on the dog and calls the animal patrol because she doesn’t want it to happen again.
        William’s dog has to go to the pound and could end up being put to sleep but William starts a group of people that doesn’t want that to happen and the word goes around the world about the dog.
        If you want to find out more about the book you can read the outstanding book called The Summer if Riley. Those are the reasons you would love to read the book, and would get hooked.
Reviewed by Z.R.  1/19/2007

by Kenneth Oppel
        Like most good books, this book has characters, but even better than characters, it has characters hard-core feelings.
        Sunwing is a spectacular, adventurous book that reveals the characters- that are mainly owls and bats- feelings. Some of the characters names are Shade, Ariel, and Chinhook. In the begging\ middle they find this paradise, and sometimes you just wonder what happens next. After they found it, bats started to disappear, and then Shade, the main character, starts to question the paradise.
        You would think that as soon as they were trapped they would figure out and say, “Hey something is wrong here!” or “Dude, this is too laid out!” but not a chance! That single event powers the whole book and theme hence making it great at least I think so. In this book you’ll find out the humans and their evil habits therefore starting a problem with the cannibals. Actually, this book can be quite gruesome at some parts. Like when Goth ripped a bat’s heart out and you could just imagine the horror in the bat’s eyes as he watched in anxiety as he slowly slipped away to death.
        Hopefully, every fan of books that are lightly seasoned with details and juicy descriptions, will read this book. I would definitely, and strongly recommend this book for sixth and seventh graders that enjoy fiction books. They will love it!
        It’s hard to not read!
Reviewed by N.E.  1/19/2007

The Supernaturalist
by Eoin Colfer
        My book review is on the Supernaturalists.
        It’s about a boy named Cosmo who almost gets killed while being chased by Marshall Redwood but his best friend Ziplock (or Francis) after those events he is taken in by the Super naturalists. What I like about this book is the action and the suspense because it takes place in the future in a place called satellite city. But unfortunately there is romance between Cosmo and Mona who become closer and closer throughout the book I think that Eoin Colfer could have left the romance for book two but i’m not author so there’s not much I can do.
        There is a shocking death in the end but you will have to read the book to find out who dies.
    Reviewed by G.N.  3/1/2008

The Tale of Despereaux
by Kate DiCamillo
         The Tale of Despereaux is a brilliant book about a mouse, a rat, and a princess.
        First off in the very beginning a little mouse was born in a castle in a far land. He was so little that his parents thought that he was sick or something. Later he met the princess of that far landing his eyes she was the most beautiful thing in the world, he loved her. Meanwhile his brother seen him and reported this thing that was illegal in the mouse laws, so he was sent to the dungeon. Then he was sent back up by the jailer and found out that the princess was missing.
        As all this was going on in Despereaux’s life there was another life very important in this story and he is called Roscuro the rat. This is a very special rat because he was fascinated with light so one day he journeyed up stairs to the light. While he was up stairs the king was having a ball. So the rat climbed up to the chandelier and fell in the queen’s soup and the queen died. Princess Pea then gave the rat a nasty look and that broke the rats heart, so he wanted revenge and he got it to.
        With an exciting and unexpected ending The Tale of Despereaux’s is a page-turner.
Reviewed by J.E.  1/19/2007

Technical Foul
by Rich Wallace
        Basketball, how you should act like a team, not just hogging the ball. Then you will read this amazing and attractive book called Technical Foul, by:  Rich Wallace, and the Winning Season series. It’s tells you why you shouldn’t hog the ball and act like a team.
        Jared is wonderful ball player but the one thing that he has problems with is that he hogs the ball and won’t share it with the team. Spencer, one of Jared’s friend, was so indignant at him because he never pass the ball, so Spencer thought he was just showing off. However, the coach of the team, Coach Davis, took Jared out, for fighting with another player. Hudson City team was glad that Jared wasn’t going to play for a couple games.
        But they were also upset because they were losing without him. He got choleric at Coach Davis for not letting him play, saying “Coach let me play now!” “Why can’t I play?” Come on. Now they were losing the games, he doesn’t like losing.
        Technical Foul is an awesome, tremendous, book I read. I like to read about basketball, any kind of basketball. If you like basketball or in a sport. You will read books by Rich Wallace. His books are all about sports.
          Reviewed by K.T.  3/1/2008

Those Who Love the Game
by Glenn Rivers
        The one and couple reasons you should read this book is because, It tells about the real life stories of many people.  It all comes from different people and different imaginations.  Everything is all inspiring and very life true.  Doc Rivers, 14 yrs. Old and plays his heart out in basketball.  Also, he is very successful in life now.  Not only has he been regularly beating his older brother in Basketball, but he has pursued his dream, Becoming an N.B.A.  star with the talent of many and has the heart of a champion.
        Read this book, and you’ll have to try some of the stuff he explains in the book. Also, Doc Rivers has taught many kids how to become successful in basketball, but not only b-ball but in life too. One example is that, he  spoke  in front of some kids playing b-ball, he was very truthful to them. He told them the true story about what he wanted to become, and then about how you should  never let go of your dreams. If you pursue your dreams long enough, you might just become what you want.
Reviewed by B.F.  3/1/2008

The Tiger Rising
by Kate DiCamillo
        Interesting, adventurous, powerful, and many other words can describe The Tiger Rising.
        This  kid named Rob, and he came from Wisconsin. They are currently living at the Kentucky Star. Which is a Motel at Florida. Rob is starting a new school, and gets into series of fights on the school bus. And the bus driver sees it, but he ignores it. One day they pick up a new girl named Sistine, and Rob falls in love with her.
        This bullies on the bus are now starting to tease Sistine and Rob even more, but they just ignore them. After a while Sistine starts to fall for Rob, and they start going out. Rob is walking around and he sees a tiger, and the owner of the Kentucky Star, Beauchamp sees it and locks it up in a cage. Then tells Rob to take care of the tiger and feed it, each week Beauchamp gives Rob a pound of meat.
        Later on Robs dad finds the meat hiding under his bed, and the dad thinks that Beauchamp gave it to them because they’re living at his Motel. And Rob’s dad thinks that he meant that, he couldn’t even put food on the table. Somehow they’re arguing, and Sistine is going to set the tiger free, so she goes over with Rob and Wily may, an employee. And something terrible happens. That makes everyone sad, and regret what he or she’ve done and said. You will want to pick this book up. The Tiger Rising.
 Reviewed by E.B.  1/19/2007

Time Enough for Drums
by Ann Rinaldi
        Time Enough for Drums is a very well written and loving story about two people from the Revolutionary War time.  It’s a story that is filled with suspenseful and heart-warming events.  You must read it.
        Jemima Emerson is a fifteen-year old girl expecting her sixteenth birthday.  Her tutor, John Reid, is supposedly a Tory.  He is very strict.  Every time she does something wrong, he adds to her lessons.  Letters in which she sends to her friend Raymond in the war must go through him before they are sent to be sure that she has not written sloppy.
        When John Reid leaves the room one day during lessons, Jemima decides to go look at the papers on his desk.  She finds a letter from General Washington.  It is acknowledging that spies are needed and thanking him for the information he has given them.  How can this be?  John Reid is a spy for the Americans.  Then, she gets caught by John and is sworn to secrecy.
        Soon, she finds out more things about her mysterious tutor.  And, she receives a few gifts from him.  She gets a book of poetry and hair ribbons for her blue English dress.  Another thing she discovers is that he has had a crush on her for a very long time.
        Time Enough for Drums has an emotional and dramatic plot with characters expressed so completely they jump off the page.  Ann Rinaldi has very descriptive pieces that you won’t put down.
Reviewed by E.S.  1/19/2007

Toad Rage
by Morris Gleitzman
        You will love Toad Rage. Toad Rage is an adventurous, comical, and an awesome book.
        Limpy is an ugly, yellow-army green, warty, bugged eyed cane toad in is a sidesplitting book. He try’s to prevent humans from running them over, but he has a problem. He got hit before, but it was only one leg, so every time he try’s to go fast, he goes in circles. Then he travels up town and to talk with the humans. While he’s there he sees a truck with three mascots of a platypus, an echidna, and a kookaburra on the side. When the truck pulls out to leave he shot up and clinched on to the taillight all the way to the games.
        Then there’s this girl that saves his and Goliath’s life. It so happens that the girl is a famous athlete at the games and takes them on TV.  As this book goes on, the humans just hate them even more throughout the book because they’re ugly, slimy, warty, and have big buggy eyes. Limpy and Goliath went up on stage with the girl when she won the games because they saved her career, and because of that they became the most praised animal.
        I would tell you how he thinks he made an invention that he thinks will save the cane toads lives, but that would ruin the book. So try this book and your jaw will ache with laughter.
Reviewed by C.R.  1/19/2007

Trouble Don’t Last
by Shelly Pearsall
        If you enjoy stories that atrocious things happen but have a satisfying ending then you have to read Trouble Don’t Last. You will love it.
        In this story Samuel and Harrison run away from their slave owner. Samuel tries to talk Harrison out of it but he is too stubborn. When they ran away they had to find a hiding spot because it was getting light out. They hid in a hollow tree. As a result their slave owner couldn’t find them. At night they headed out again. Samuel was terrified and imagined that something touched his foot. Therefore he ran the opposite direction and got them lost. After a while of walking they got back on trail. Eventually they reach a river. In the river they meet the River Man. Traveling down the river, they hear a woman. She launched herself into the boat. When they reach land the lady gets pushed back into the freezing cold water because she tried bringing extra clothing. Harrison collapsed while walking down the middle of the road. Samuel goes to get help. Will Samuel make it back in time.
        Trouble Don’t Last is one of my favorite books. You will absolutely love it. The ending is just as good as the rest, so read the book Trouble Don’t Last.
Reviewed by A.T.  1/19/2007

by Stephanie Meyer
        Twilight is the best book I have ever read! Stephanie Meyer is a genius!
        This book is about a teenager named Bella. The first day, she moves in with her dad and she goes to a new school and only a few people are nice to her. She sees this absolutely gorgeous guy named Edward and she just so happens to sit by him in one of her classes. When she first sits by him he seems really angry. She knew that it couldn’t be her! She knows she’s not that bad!
        The next day she gets ready and she highly dreads coming to school because she didn’t want to see him after what happened the day before! She went to school and into that class and he acted the exact opposite! She didn’t know what was wrong with him the day before…maybe he was just in a bad mood. All she know is it was very odd.
        After that he starts talking to her and hanging around her and she’s head over heels for him. They start dating and they end up falling in love! She starts caring about Edward more than any other person.
        I love this book and I’m positive that anyone who reads it will fall in love with it! Honestly, I strongly recommend this book to anyone thirteen and up. When you start reading this book, you won’t be able to put it down! It will keep you wondering!
     Reviewed by J.B.  3/1/2008

        Twilight, a suspenseful and dramatic book, is the first in Stephanie Meyer’s series. I would suggest (to people that are interested in vampires) to read this book. Bella, Edward, and the rest of the Cullens sure did a good job at bringing drama to a small town.
        Edward being a secretive guy soon started to open up to Bella. After a short amount of time Bella and Edward were inseparable.  Although, the question you will ask yourself through out this whole book is, will this inseparableness last, or will it all come to a dramatic end?
        With Bella being a clumsy teenager, Edward just wants to be with her more. Although, Bella thinks that she is one of the most tedious people in the world, most guys in her new school seem to be captivated by her. But Edward would have to be most captivated, by far.
        To find out more about Bella and the rest of the Cullens, then start reading Twilight. Then learn about how much drama one family can bring to a small town. I think that if you start to read Twilight you won’t be able to stop, and then you’ll want to read the series.  Stephenie Meyers, Twilight series is very addicting,
Reviewed by K.L.  3/1/2008

        Author Stephanie Meyer’s first book Twilight is a heart stopper, heartbreaker, and romance comedy of the year. Millions of people bought and loved this book all over the world (Tranchtenberg), and you will too.
        Since Bella’s parents are divorced, Bella, who is just an ordinary girl, decides to go to Forks, Washington to live with her father Charlie. Then one day she meets a pale, big brown eyed, chestnut colored hair, pulchritudinous seven-teen year old boy that saves her from the brink of death, but after that she learns his family’s big secret! Now Bella has to decide to risk her life to stay with Edward or will she go back to Seattle with her mother while other creatures are hunting him and Bella. So will Edward be able to save her or will he come too late? You will have to read it to find out.
        Every person I know loved Twilight or thought it was okay, but I have never heard it was uninteresting and they hated it because it will keep you on the edge of your seat with suspense.

        (Trachtenberg), Jeffrey A. "After Harry, Young Readers Turn to Vampires." Wall Street  Journal.

       Reviewed by K.O.  3/1/2008

        Twilight, a book by Stephenie Meyer, is a very phenomenal book, filled with many emotions. Meyer tells a great story throughout.
        Twilight is a book about a seventeen year old girl named Isabella, (Bella, for short) Swan. Bella thinks living with her dad would be best for her. But, little did she know, living with her dad would be tougher than she could imagine. Not because of her dad, but because of this GOERGOUS guy, Edward, that she meets at school. On the first day that she sees him, she seems to have fallen in love with him. But you would too if you saw a tall man that looked like Edward does. With his bronze colored hair, and his dark eyes.  Even though he was less bulky than his other two brothers, he was still muscular, in a boyish kind of way.
        Later, she finds out that the whole Cullen family; Edward, Alice, Jasper, Carlisle, Rosalie, Esme, and Emmett are vampires. And then she is forced to make a tough decision. Does she “love” Edward enough to stay with him, even though he or his family could turn on her at any minute? Or is she going to forget that she ever met him? You’ll have to read this and Meyer’s two other books, New Moon and Eclipse, to see what happens.
        As you see, Twilight is a very excruciatingly wonderful book. Once you start to read it, you won’t ever be able to stop.
Reviewed by M.S.  3/1/2008

        Twilight a quick- witted, absolutely genius, romance that will be sure to make the toughest critic melt in the palms of this book.
        Stephine Meyers has out done herself with this touching romance between a vampire and a human girl.  Bella, an average girl, falls into an unthinkable love with Edward, a vampire. Some argue the age difference between a teenager and a vampire hundreds of years old. But, the unbreakable love they have for each other proves itself during the challenges the couple faces. Between vampires trying to eat her and trying to keep her secrets from her dad, Bella, has her work cut out for her, but, it’s not all fun and games for Edward either he has to fight the urge of killing Bella each moment his with her and keeping clumsy Bella safe isn’t a walk in the park.
        Twilight will be quick to knock your socks off as Stephine Meyers flaunts her true writing talent in this book with vibrant details and exceptional creativity. Don’t waste Meyer’s talents, read this book and experience the magic in this remarkable adventure.
  Reviewed by K.W.  3/1/2008

        Chilling but stylish, impossible but believable, excruciatingly suspenseful, and infuriating details, Twilight is a marvelous book written flawlessly.
        Bella lives in Phoenix, Arizona but she decides to move to Forks, Washington which is a great deal farther from the equator. Her first few days there go decently well. However, Edward, her partner in biology, is totally repulsed by her one day, and unbelievably friendly the next. One day he saves her from getting run over by a van, and everything changes. Even though she’s grateful, Bella is still suspicious. Distinctly she remembers seeing Edward twenty feet away just moments before the near crash. Later, he admits to her that he’s a vampire, and that he has supernatural powers. He also explains that he finds her scent unbearably enticing, and we all know what happens when vampires get a little too drawn to someone’s blood... From that point the book spins into a whirlwind of enslaving adventure, including Edward’s happy little vampire family, another vampire group, and a page-turning plot twist.
        Insanely addicting like your favorite candy bar, you’ll be relieved but saddened at the end when you realize that the story’s over, and you need to buy New Moon to read more into Bella’s fabulous tale.
Reviewed by K.S.  1/19/2007

T*Witches #1: The Power of Two
By H.B. Gilmour & Randi Reisfeld
        Sparkle swish sparkle swish and a wave of a magical wand. Have you ever read one of those books that you just couldn’t put down?
        If your in need of one then you should definitely consider reading this  spectacular book. I mean what would be better than watching these twin witches, Cam and Alex, take the ride of their dramatic lives over coming gargantuan problems. With as little help from their elder Karsh (who has known them since they were born on Coventry Island.) Do they succeed?  I definitely agree that it would be hard to survive with secret telepathic hearing that comes unwillingly and is even sometimes unwanted.
        For instance, what if you had a twin that you or even your adoptive parents didn’t know that you had? What if you could mend things to save peoples lives? Suppose your magically ended up on your doorstep and not know how she had gotten there. That’s exactly how it works but you’ll have to read the rest of this book to figure out how it ends.  Watch them escape the hands of their evil captive and fight for their rights. Maybe being among the normal isn’t so bad after all.
Reviewed by K.B.  1/19/2007

by Scott Westerfeld
        Uglies is a suspenseful Adventure type of book. The main character Tally Youngblood is just about to turn 16 and she is really exited because she is going to turn pretty and that is an enormous deal for them.
        In order to turn pretty Tally has to get an operation, which will turn her life around. Then along comes Shay and becomes Tally’s friend they are both going to turn 16 on the same day. Shay gives Tally some odd directions to a place called the Smoke. Will Tally go?
        When I read this book I don’t want to put it down that is how much I love it. I think Scott Westerfeld did a good job bringing out the readers attention in the book. There is a scene were romance comes in at between Tally and someone else if you want to know who Tally falls for the read the book and find out for yourself.
        There’s more then one book there’s Uglies, Pretties, Specials, and Extras. I would definitely recommend you to read this book it is an awesome book.
       Reviewed by K.B.  3/1/2008

        I will, without hesitation, confess that once I read the back of the book, I knew Uglies was going to be an attention-grabbing masterpiece.
        In Uglies, Tally Youngblood is a 15 year old girl that lives in a world where anyone normal is ugly. She can’t wait to turn sixteen, only then will they take you and make you supermodel gorgeous! Then, Tally meets Shay, and, eventually, they become friends. They find out they have the same birthday and Tally’s so happy that neither of them will be left behind. When it finally gets nearer to their birthday, Tally finds out that Shay doesn’t want to get the operation and she wants to run away to The Smoke, a sanctuary where uglies that don’t want to get the operation go to. Of course, Shay leaves Tally directions to The Smoke, in case she changes her mind. Shortly after that, Tally’s world starts going immensely wrong! Special Circumstances gets involved and Tally meets Dr. Cable. Dr. Cable wants to find Shay and The Smoke and knows that Tally is the only one that can do it. Shockingly, Tally is offered two choices, but not very good ones. Either turn Shay and The Smoke in, or forget about being pretty. Tally franticly
searches for a solution, but one wrong move and it could cause her to never turn pretty at all.
        Definitely one of Westerfelds greatest pieces, you will have this book glued to your hands!
      Reviewed by P.T.  3/1/2008

        In a futuristic society, everyone dreams of their sixteenth birthday. For Tally it becomes a living nightmare. It all starts when her new friend Shay, mysteriously disappears.
        Tally is faced with a difficult decision; she has to find her friend, turn her in and find the “smoke” or never be pretty at all. Although she doesn’t want to make a choice she has to. Will Tally betray her friend and the smoke? Or will she take on the “specials”, the most feared of all pretties? As the story progresses, Tally learns there more to being pretty than just being popular. The consequences of tally’s choices will change her life forever. High speed chases, leaping of cliffs, and going through rivers, is just some of the action in Uglies.
        Action filled, dramatic, and thrilling; this book is the first in a suspenseful series that leaves you hanging on every word. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes action and is an avid reader. When you read this book you feel as though you were on a hover-board yourself.
     Reviewed by S.W.  3/1/2008

        Uglies is a mouth watering book, about friendship, love, and adventure! Tally, the main character, is on a search to find her new friends that she makes, Shay.
        She is about to turn sixteen, and when you’re sixteen, you have an operation and become pretty, she can’t wait! She’s so happy. Tally makes a friend named Shay, in the beginning of the book. They were going to run away to the smoke where Shay wants to be, because Shay doesn’t want to be pretty, but Tally is afraid because she wants to be pretty. Shay runs away to the smoke, on a hover board alone.
        For Tally to turn pretty she’s got to find Shay and turn her in to the special circumstances, but Tally finds out, when she finds Shay that she’s not sure she want to be pretty. What will Tally decide to turn her friend in, and be pretty or stay with Shay?
        This book is an incredibly wonderful! Scott Westerfeld, the author is a really awesome author. By reading this book you will never want to stop. The end will make you want to read the rest in the series! In the book there is always unanswered question. This book is really unique!
        Do you want to know what she does, stay ugly or turn pretty? You will just have to read the book, because I won’t tell you!
      Reviewed by P. Y.  3/1/2008

        In a society where everyone becomes perfectly gorgeous and popular on their 16th birthday, what could go wrong? Sixteen-year-old Tally Youngblood is about to find out in this compelling new trilogy. Uglies is a story about friendship, betrayal, and futuristic gadgets.
        It is set in the biggest city in the world long after the “Rusties” (that’s us) had lived. Tally can’t wait to get the operation that will take her out of Ugliville and into New Pretty Town. But when she meets another girl, named Shay, her whole world will turn upside-down! You see, Shay and Tally have the same birthday so they would have turned pretty together. Instead, Shay ran to an old and mysterious city called the Smoke where everyone- young and old- are ugly! As a result, when Tally goes to get her operation, she is captured by the legendary Special Circumstances and is offered a choice: either go to the Smoke and bring back Shay or never turn pretty! What will Tally choose?
        Teenage girls and boys alike will love this book! Girls will appreciate the real life, yet unrealistic situations Tally finds herself in. Boys will really enjoy the futuristic take on the world, which includes hover boards, bungee jackets, and, of course, robotic butlers!
        If you are a true reader you simply must read this exquisitely detailed, and morally revealing trilogy beginning with the first book, Uglies!
Reviewed by H.M.  1/19/2007

        Uglies, written by Scott Westerfeld, is a wonderful story filled with amazingly realistic characters, high-tech adventure, romance, chase scenes, betrayal, and friendship.
        Tally, an “Ugly,” lives in a world where when you turn sixteen, you undergo a life-changing operation that makes you flawless and beautiful.  When Tally meets Shay, a girl who was born on the exact same day as Tally, she’s ecstatic about becoming Pretty. When she goes to the hospital to get the operation, though, they tell her she can’t. Shay has run away, and Tally is the only one who can find her. She is confronted by Special Circumstances, an agency that works with threats and major problems outside the city, and is forced to either find Shay and turn her in, or never become pretty. So, her choices are basically (1. stab her friend in the back, or (2. stay an Ugly forever. Is there a door number three?
        Tally ends up being sent on a journey that will change her life, and as a spy, a sneak, and a traitor. More and more, she finds herself thinking, “Is being pretty worth betraying Shay?”
        You will love this book, and you will also enjoy the next two books in this magnificent series, Pretties and Specials.
Reviewed by B.O. 1/19/2007

Vampire Plagues:  London, 1850
by Sebastian Rook
        Shocking, thrilling, nail biting Vampire Plague, London 1850 is by Sebastian Rook.
        What this book is about a young boy named Jack Hackett who lives on the docks of London. When he sees a three-mast ship pull in late at night he moves in for a look, only to be surprised to find bats pure out of the hull and then a dark figure comes out. About a minute later a young lad comes out shaking and looking terrified, Jack walks up to the boy. Then Jack befriends Benedict Cole, who just escaped a dangerous vampire Plague of an evil god named Camozotz.
        Ben told Jack of the massacre that happened when he went to México with his dad, Sir Donald, and his godfather.  Jack follows Ben home that’s when he meets his sister Emily. Ben tells her the horrific story of México she begins to cry when she hears that her dad was killed by a vampire. That’s when they decide that they should stop Camozotz before they enter the same fate the myans did.
        They set out to stop Camozotz from taking over London, and ending their civilization just like he did to the Mayan empire, before he was cast to sleep for millennia by a powerful god.
        Read this book but be prepared start to cry but when you get near the end you’ll be amazed. This vampire story will suck the tears out of you.
      Reviewed by E.G.  3/1/2008

        If you like action packed thrillers filled with insane vampires you would love vampire plaques. This book is about three kids named Jack, Ben, and Emily who are chosen to save the world from the endless flow of vampires and their god Cotomotoz. In this book you will see how teamwork can help the three friends get at Cotomotoz, but it is suspenseful from start to end, word for word.
        They made a potion that is the way to kill Cotomotoz, but as a result they got their mind controlled by Cotomotoz and he weakened the potion so he only died for a couple days when they splashed it on him. In this book they have a change of killing vampires with wooden stakes and garlic, instead they use light but they also use a plant called blood rose as a new weapon on the vampires. This book is spectacular because you will never get a minute without full-scale vampire attacks. This is a very exciting book; you will be horrified and amazed by the greatness of this book.
Reviewed by J.M.  1/19/2007

Warriors #6: The Darkest Hour
by Erin Hunter
        Follow Firestar as he and Tigerstar face off once more, but this time the sake of the forest rests on Firestar’s flame colored shoulders.  Firestar will steal your heart as you follow him through his greatest battle, as he leads Thunder Clan and Wind Clan into the fight.
        Tigerstar has a nasty surprise for Firestar, Blood Clan!! These vicious cats are from the city. Blood Clan cats were claws fitted with dog’s teeth! Their leader Scourge is the meanest of them all. He’s a cheater and a double-crosser. Scourge leads Blood Clan like a tyrant! Plus Blood Clan outnumbers all the forest cats put together!
        Let me do a little background check on Firestar for you. Firestar, back when he was known as Firepaw, always felt suspicious of Tigerclaw(he was Tigerclaw before he was Tigerstar). How ‘bout some of Tigerstar’s history. Tigerstar was the deputy back then, so he was Tigerclaw. Tigerclaw had killed the normal deputy Redtail, but nobody knew, so he got to be deputy. But he couldn’t wait to be clan leader, so he tried to kill Bluestar. But, luckly, Fireheart (name change again) stopped him, so basicly they’ve always hated each other.Firestar is doubtful that he’ll win. Will Tigerstar rule the forest, or will Scourge double-cross him? To find out, read Warriors, The Darkest Hour.
Reviewed by J.S.  1/19/2007

Week in the Woods
by Andrew Clements
        When you open this book, you’ll have a new feeling for the new kids. Andrews, A Week in the Woods is one of the many books that he has written. His book Frindle, has sold many copies. All his books have sort of a lesson to them.
        Mark is a new kid at a new school. His parents are very rich. They moved to a new house, which had a major remodeling. After his first week at his new school, he made the decision that the school was the most boring thing in the world.
        His next week of school he spent his time in the woods, lost. He was on a field trip. He was going to have to go home, because he brought a knife to the field trip. So while Mr. Maxwell was in the lodge, he got out of the car and ran into the woods, the rest of this story you’ll have to find out on your own.
        As many books there are out there. Only one can be the best, and that is A Week in the Woods.
Reviewed by B.L. 1/19/2007

The Werewolf of Fever Swamp
by R.L. Stine
        Do you really enjoy reading science fiction books? If so then this is just the Book for you,  The Werewolf of Fever Swamp is an attention-grabbing book for 6,7, and 8th grade to read.
        Grady a 12-year-old boy has just moved to a swamp (Fever swamp) in Florida during his summer- break along with his sister Emily and their parents so, so far their living quietly in the swamp. However, Grady finds a dog, decided to keep it and named it wolf. In that same night while everybody was sleeping a big howl (werewolf howl) outside his house and a noise that sounded like if something was attacking something else.
        The next day Grady finds a friend and goes inside the swamp to see if they can find the werewolf. Will Grady and his new friend find the werewolf or will the were wolf find them. Read it and you’ll find out.
Reviewed by E.R.  1/19/2007

Where the Red Fern Grows
by Wilson Rawls
        I’ll tell you about a book that I read it was breathtaking to read.  The book I read was Where The Red Fern Grows. I thought it was knee dropping to just observe Billy doing what he does.
        Characters are Billy, Billie’s sisters, mom, and his dad old Dan and little Ann (coonin dogs). Adventures that he has goes on through the old forest treeing coon, getting better, and better with his coonin dogs. As momma always said be careful and dress warm. He went out one night and his dog s treed a coon in a big old tree. I’m telling you now ‘if you guys treed he would do the rest’, he made a promise and he kept it. Surprisingly he stayed night and day cutting to cut down the old tree. Momma got worried so papa saddled the mule, and went out find Billy. His father found Billy asleep lying by little Ann. ‘Billy are you ok’ said his father from the back of the mule. It ends up that 3 days later the tree finally falls.
        Read this and you will be like as if ‘what happens, happens to you. Thank you for taking the time to listening to me.
Reviewed by A.W.  3/1/2008

by Christopher Pike
        Witch is by far, the best book written by Christopher Pike. He shows each character’s personality with great detail. Some things in this book will make you smile. Also, each event in the book is thoroughly detailed.
        Even though Julia is a fictional character, the way Christopher Pike describes her, you would think she was as real as anyone else. She appears to be an ordinary girl, but has amazing abilities because she’s a witch. Julia is kind and caring but somewhat becomes a loner when her mother suddenly dies. She is confronted with a difficult problem when she sees the future for the first time. It’s nothing Julia has seen before. The only thing she knows is that a boy about her age is going to die, but she doesn’t know who it is. Later, she knows it’s her friend Amy’s new boyfriend, Jim. In the process of saving him, she puts her other friend, Scott, in danger. He gets shot and no one is sure if he will make it. Strong-minded and determined, Julia, with the help of Amy, Jim, and Randy, goes after the man who shot Scott. There is suspense in almost every chapter that will definitely keep you reading.
        This book is surprising, intriguing, and very entertaining, with a few sad moments. It’s a great story, but to know all the details, you have to read it.
 Reviewed by P.J.  3/1/2008