Favorite Series Books in Order 
Hank the Cowdog books by John R. Erickson
    1. Hank The Cowdog 
    2. The Further Adventures of Hank the Cowdog
    3. It's A Dogs Life
    4. Murder in the Middle Pasture
    5. Faded Love
    6. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
    7. The Curse of the Incredible Priceless Corncob
    8. The Case of the One-Eyed Stud Horse
    9. The Case of the Halloween Ghost
    10. Every Dog Has His Day
    11. Lost in the Dark Unchanted Forest
    12. The Fiddle Playing Fox
    13. The Case of the Wounded Buzzard on Christmas Eve
    14. Monkey Business
    15. The Case of the Missing Cat
    16. The Case of the Blinded Blizzard
    17. The Case of the Car-Barkaholic Dog
    18. The Case of the Hooking Bull
    19. The Case of the Midnight Rustler
    20. The Phantom in the Mirror
    21. The Case of the Vampire Cat
    22. The Case of the Double Bumblebee Sting
    23. Moonlight Madness
    24. The Case of the Black-Hooded Hangman
    25. The Case of the Swirling Killer Tornado
    26. The Case of the Kidnapped Collie
    27. The Case of the Night-Stalking Bone Monster
    28. The Case of the Mopwater Files
    29. The Vampire Vacuum Sweeper
    30. The Case of the Haystack Kitties
    31. The Case of the Vanishing Fishhook
    32. The Garbage Monster from Outer Space
    33. The Case of the Measled Cowboy
    34. Slim's Good-Bye
    35. The Case of the Saddle House Robbery
    36. The Case of the Raging Rottweiler
    37. The Case of the Deadly Ha-Ha Game
    38. The Fling
    39. The Secret Laundry Monster Files
    40. The Case of the Missing Bird Dog
    41. The Case of the Shipwrecked Tree
    42. The Case of the Burrowing Robot
    43. The Case of the Twisted Kitty
    44. The Dungeon of Doom

    Redwall books by Brian Jacques
    Mr. Jacques recommends reading the series in the order he wrote them, not in story order:
    Mr. Jacques' order:
    1. Redwall 
    2. Mossflower
    3. Mattimeo
    4. Mariel of Redwall
    5. Salamandastron
    6. Martin the Warrior
    7. The Bellmaker
    8. Outcast of Redwall 
    9. The Pearls of Lutra 
    10. The Long Patrol 
    11. Marlfox 
    12. The Legend of Luke 
    13. Lord Brocktree 
    14. The Taggerung 
    15. Triss 
    16. Loamhedge 
    17. Rakkety Tam 
    Story order:
    1. Lord Brocktree
    2. Martin The Warrior
    3. Mossflower
    4. The Legend of Luke
    5. Outcast of Redwall
    6. Mariel of Redwall
    7. The Bellmaker
    8. Salamandastron
    9. Redwall
    10. Mattimeo
    11. The Pearls of Lutra
    12. The Long Patrol
    13. Marlfox
    14. Taggerung
    15. Triss
    16. Loamhedge

    Redwall picture books:

    • The Great Redwall Feast 
    • A Redwall Winter's Tale 

    Grandma's Attic books by Arleta Richardson
    1. In Grandma's Attic
    2. More Stories from Gandma's Attic
    3. Still More Stories from Grandma's Attic
    4. Treasures from Grandma
    5. Sixteen and Away from Home (republished as "Away from Home")
    6. Eighteen and On Her Own (republished as "A School of Her Own")
    7. Nineteen and Wedding Bells Ahead (republished as "Wedding Bells Ahead")
    8. At Home in North Branch
    9. New Faces, New Friends
    10. Stories from the Growing Years

    Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling
    1. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
    2. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
    3. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
    4. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
    5. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
    6. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince 
    7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 

    A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket
    1. The Bad Beginning 
    2. The Reptile Room 
    3. The Wide Window 
    4. The Miserable Mill 
    5. The Austere Academy 
    6. The Ersatz Elevator 
    7. The Vile Village 
    8. The Hostile Hospital 
    9. The Carnivorous Carnival 
    10. The Slippery Slope 
    11. The Grim Grotto 
    12. The Penultimate Peril
    13. The End 

    Judy Bolton books by Margaret Sutton
    1. The Vanishing Shadow 
    2. The Haunted Attic 
    3. The Invisible Chimes 
    4. Seven Strange Clues 
    5. The Ghost Parade 
    6. The Yellow Phantom 
    7. The Mystic Ball 
    8. The Voice in the Suitcase 
    9. The Mysterious Half Cat 
    10. The Riddle of the Double Ring 
    11. The Unfinished House 
    12. The Midnight Visitor 
    13. The Name on the Bracelet 
    14. The Clue in the Patchwork Quilt 
    15. The Mark on the Mirror 
    16. The Secret of the Barred Window
    17. The Rainbow Riddle 
    18. The Living Portrait 
    19. The Secret of the Musical Tree
    20. The Warning on the Window
    21. The Clue of the Stone Lantern 
    22. The Spirit of Fog Island 
    23. The Black Cat's Clue 
    24. The Forbidden Chest 
    25. The Haunted Road 
    26. The Clue in the Ruined Castle 
    27. The Trail of the Green Doll 
    28. The Haunted Fountain 
    29. The Clue of the Broken Wing 
    30. The Phantom Friend 
    31. The Discovery at the Dragon's Mouth 
    32. The Whispered Watchword
    33. The Secret Quest 
    34. The Puzzle in the Pond 
    35. The Hidden Clue 
    36. The Pledge of the Twin Knights 
    37. The Search for the Glowing Hand 
    38. The Secret of the Sand Castle

    The Happy Hollisters by Jerry West
    1. The Happy Hollisters
    2. The Happy Hollisters on a River Trip
    3. The Happy Hollisters at Sea Gull Beach
    4. The Happy Hollisters and the Indian Treasure
    5. The Happy Hollisters at Mystery Mountain
    6. The Happy Hollisters at Snowflake camp
    7. The Happy Hollisters and the Trading Post Mystery
    8. The Happy Hollisters at Circus Island
    9. The Happy Hollisters and the Secret Fort
    10. The Happy Hollisters and the Merry-Go-Round Mystery
    11. The Happy Hollisters at Pony Hill Farm
    12. The Happy Hollisters and the Old Clipper Ship
    13. The Happy Hollisters at Lizard Cove
    14. The Happy Hollisters and the Scarecrow Mystery
    15. The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery of the Totem Faces
    16. The Happy Hollisters and the Ice Carnival Mystery
    17. The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery in Skyscraper City
    18. The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery of the Little Mermaid
    19. The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery at Missile Town
    20. The Happy Hollisters and the Cowboy Mystery
    21. The Happy Hollisters and the Haunted House Mystery
    22. The Happy Hollisters and the Secret of the Lucky Coins
    23. The Happy Hollisters and the Castle Rock Mystery
    24. The Happy Hollisters and the Cuckoo Clock Mystery
    25. The Happy Hollisters and the Swiss Echo Mystery
    26. The Happy Hollisters and the Sea Turtle Mystery
    27. The Happy Hollisters and the Punch and Judy Mystery
    28. The Happy Hollisters and the Whistle Pig Mystery
    29. The Happy Hollisters and the Ghost Horse Mystery
    30. The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery of the Golden Witch
    31. The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery of the Mexican Idol
    32. The Happy Hollisters and the Monster Mystery
    33. The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery of the Midnight Trolls

    Little House on the Prairie books by Laura Ingalls Wilder
    1. Little House in the Big Woods
    2. Little House on the Prairie
    3. Farmer Boy
    4. On the Banks of Plum Creek
    5. By the Shores of Silver Lake
    6. The Long Winter
    7. Little Town on the Prairie
    8. These Happy Golden Years
    9. The First Four Years