May 15, 2014 @ 5:30 p.m.
LAGRANE COUNTY LIBRARY 203 W. Spring St. LaGrange, IN 46761
Martin Franke    Jerry White    Sue Pipher    Susan Burger    Diana Randall
Matt Kelty    Abby Harris-Correll    Kitty Helmkamp    Amanda Wisler
Jayne Merriman
Martin called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. Sue P moved to approve the agenda as written. Jerry seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
Review Approval of Minutes: Jerry moved to accept the minutes of April 16, 2014 as presented. Susan B.  seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
Director’s Report: (See attached) Diana stated the new furnace and air conditioner at the Shipshewana Branch has been installed as approved at the last board meeting. The AHU supply fan motor at the main library was also installed. She stated at the all staff meeting on May 9th each staff member participated in an AED training presentation by staff member Jo Engber a registered nurse, and Abby. Diana and Jerry emailed 5 companies for quotes for a HVAC preventative maintenance proposal
Reports & Claims: Sue P moved to pay April claims 191-253 in the amount of $71,537.64. Susan B. seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
Personnel Committee: None
Facilities Report: Jerry reviewed the ice damming issue at the main library and what solution could prevent another occurrence. Matt Kelty presented a draft summary concerning the ice dam issue and also the continuing issue of rain pouring off the roof instead of into the gutters. (See attached)  After a lengthy discussion about rain and the gutters, the conclusion was to remove sections of the mesh gutter leaf guard in two areas and observe these area’s in the next heavy rain. A discussion then followed on the option of installing heat tape in the areas damaged by ice dams to prevent ice damming in the future. The board approved Diana to seek a quote from LA Electric for heat tape to be installed in the areas affected by ice dams, and a quote to remove some gutter guard.  Matt Kelty is to give Diana contact information for a contractor to remove the gutter guard.
Martin asked about the libraries insurance coverage concerning the damage this winter. The claim submitted to The Hartford from Pranger is for a total of $3,151.21. This part of the claim was for the damage in the garage.  Diana stated she heard from Scott Swihart just today and that the The Hartford was sending a check totaling $2,151.21 out to the Library this week for those damages.  The Library however, has a $1,000 deductible so the Library will be responsible for $1,000 of the Pranger bill.  Sue P. moved to pay the $1,000.00 due to Pranger. Susan seconded. Motion carried unanimously. Diana then told the Board that she just recently obtained a quote from Shawnee for the drywall damage inside the Library and that she would be contacting Scott Swihart to submit this to The Hartford as well.
Policy Committee: Is working on the Library’s Long Range Plan for 2015-2018, and updating the Library’s Mission and Vision statements.
Correspondence: A letter from Evergreen states they have established a fee schedule for membership, and by laws amendments which Diana and Martin initialed and sent back. This fee will be implemented in 2016 and a line item will need to be established in that year’s budget.  The fee is estimated around $5000.
Other Business: Abby handed out the LaGrange county Public Library summer reading programming guide, and stated all volunteers for these programs would be appreciated.
Jerry moved to adjourn. Sue P. seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
No other items were discussed.


Board Minutes and Agenda