April 16, 2014 @ 5:30 p.m.


LAGRANGE COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY 203. W. Spring St. LaGrange, IN 46761


Martin Franke     Susan Burger     Diane Cameron       Jody Blake

Bob Shanahan   Diana Randall    Mary Miller   Abby Harris-Correll

Kitty Helmkamp    Amanda Wisler   Jayne Merriman


Martin called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. 
Mary Miller, Children’s Department Head, informed the board she has started a book club at Parkside Elementary School in LaGrange.  The club for third grade meets on Thursdays from 3:15 to 4:15 p.m. At present there are 23 boys and girls enrolled.  If children are interested, Mary is willing to continue the book club during the summer and have them meet at the LaGrange library.
Amanda Wisler, Adult Department Head, noted some of the upcoming events. On May 6th a program “Be A Prepper” will be presented by the Red Cross on how to survive during emergencies like storms, attacks, accidents etc. A poetry reading & book signing by Patrick Read will be on May 10th. Amanda also briefly mentioned a few of the activities that will be happening during summer reading, such as a tea tasting, a visit to a blacksmith in Shipshewana, and having a Henna artist visit LaGrange. 
Abby Harris-Correll, Young Adult Department Head, explained more about the new format for summer reading.  This year, youth will read a set number of minutes each day, instead of number of books as was done in the past.  She also explained that she and Mary have been working on making summer reading a youth program, for all children and teens, instead of having a separate children’s summer reading program and teen summer reading program.  Abby told the board that she, Mary, and Amanda were working on making a Summer Reading Programming/Events booklet, which will have all events and programs within the library system for the months of June & July.
Review Approval of Minutes: Diane moved to accept the minutes of March 20, 2014 as presented.
Susan seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
Director’s Report: Diana reviewed her report for the board. (See attached) She and Abby met with Keith Gillenwater from the LaGrange EDC to establish a relationship. Six Staff members attended the District 3 day conference with Diana and Abby.  Diana would like to expand programming at Shipshewana and she is looking for possible spaces in the community for this, since the branch does not have a large meeting space.
Reports and Claims: Jody moved to pay claims 129-190 for March 2014 in the amount of $70,112.30.
Diane seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
Personnel Committee Report: None 
Facilities Report: Diana reported the attic ladder at the Topeka Branch has been moved and the Staff at Topeka are very happy with its new location.
Policy Report: Martin, Diane and Jody will set a date to meet in May. 
Correspondence to the Board: None 
Other Business: The Board resumed discussion concerning the repair of a furnace at the Shipshewana Branch and also the possibility of replacing both this aging furnace and an older air conditioner unit at the Branch.  Two quotes from Masters were presented. One quote was for repair of just the furnace, and one quote was to replace the furnace and air conditioner units. The quote for furnace repair was $1,391.04. The quote to replace both of the older units with a new 95% efficiency furnace and a new air conditioner unit was $4,900 (which is $1100 below normal price.) After questions and discussion, Bob moved to accept the quote of $4900 to replace both the furnace and air conditioner. Jody seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
New Business: Replacement for copier in Adult Services Department: Diana noted the library only has one copier through Adams Remco and that the contract for this machine is expiring. Their representative has told the Library that the cost to renew a contract for this machine will cost significantly more that the current contract.  She also explained to the Board that currently, all the other copiers in the system are through Canon, and that this copier through Adams Remco costs significantly more than the others monthly.   Diane, Abby and Terri met with the Canon representative to discuss the Library’s options for replacement as all the other copiers in the system are through Canon, and Canon will locks its monthly rate for five years.  Adams Remco will not.  Diane presented the Board with the options. Board discussion followed on the possibility of leasing a copier, a plan to replace copiers on a schedule, and keeping an account for monies received from copies to pay for copier repair. Diane moved to purchase a Canon 2230 Copier for $3,022.00 from LIRF and develop a plan for replacing existing copiers. Bob seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
The supply fan motor on AHU#5 must be replaced. Diane received an estimated quote from TCS of $1635.00 and a quote from Masters of $1,382. Bob moved to accept the Masters quote of $1,382. Jody seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
Jody thanked the board for the Library’s donation of unused book ends for the Paws and Claws book store.
Jody moved to adjourn. Bob seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
No other items were discussed.


Board Minutes and Agenda