LaGrange County Public Library Meeting


March 20, 2014 5:30 p.m. @

Topeka Branch Library, Topeka IN.


               Martin Franke   Jerry White     Susan Burger     Diane Cameron    Diana Randall            

               Abby Harris-Correll     Kitty Helmkamp   Amanda Wisler     Jayne Merriman         

                                                                                  Heidi Trivett     Tiffany Yoder                                                                                      

Martin called the meeting to order at 5:49 p.m.  Diana requested that the agenda be amended to   include discussion on purchasing tires for the bookmobile, and discussion concerning possible furnace and air condition repair for the Shipshewana Branch Library under New Business; and a line item transfer under Reports and Claims. Jerry moved to accept the new agenda. Susan seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
Branch Manager, Heidi Trivett, reported the Topeka Branch had a Ronald McDonald day which was very well attended. The movie Frozen had 22 people in attendance.  Also, 361 Valentines were made then sent to the Children’s Riley Hospital. She stated the mechanical room drop down ladder to the top floor is to be moved soon.  Topeka Branch Staff member, Tiffany Yoder, reported on the story times she presents for different ages of children. She has attended a story time training program. Heidi and Tiffany have several Summer Reading programs planned.   Diana also noted that the Topeka Staff must use a ladder to access the projector in the Community Room, and she is looking into a Wi-Fi link with a remote to fix this issue.                                      
Minutes: Diane moved to accept the board minutes of February 20, 2014 as written. Jerry seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
Directors Report: Diana reviewed her report and stated Masters has been working on the main libraries heating and it seems more consistent.  She noted that in the packets are the statistics for January and February. Diana also noted the passing of former LaGrange Library Head Librarian, Deb Shirar.  The Board signed a sympathy card to send to Deb’s parents and agreed to all personally contribute funds to purchase a memorial brick in her memory.
Reports and Claims: Diane moved to pay claims 69-128 for February in the amount of $73,381.68. Jerry seconded. Motion carried. A line item transfer is needed to adjust the director’s salary. Diane moved to transfer $12,000 from Salary of Assistants to Salary of Librarian per the Board’s approval December 19, 2013 of the Director’s 2014 salary increase. Susan seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
Personnel Report: Non
Facilities Report: Jerry stated Shawnee will return after the ice has melted to deal with the roof and possible ice dam areas. A stainless steel double lined flue on the boiler will be repaired by Pranger.  Discussion followed on possibilities of changing or adjusting the entry to mechanical room above Adult Services due to the difficulty in using it. Also, the heat in the children’s work room has been addressed, and working much better.
Policy Committee Report: The Policy Committee reviewed the Library Policies and Employee Handbook. Diane read these revisions for the Board. After review, she moved to accept these changes made by the Policy Committee. Jerry seconded. Motion carried unanimously. (See attached)
Jerry asked who decides if or when the library closes in the event of bad weather. Diana stated she or Abby, the Assistant Director, make the decision. It is automatic if the County declares an emergency. Otherwise, it depends on assessing the road conditions and how many employees can get to the library
New business: Kitty informed the Board the bookmobile back tires need to be replaced due to the discovery that the back tires are currently actually steer tires and provide inadequate traction for our local road conditions.   Replacing them   will allow the bookmobile to better perform in various weather conditions. She presented a spread sheet of quotes of several options of brands and labor. (See attached) After many questions and discussion, Diane moved to purchase 4 Michelin tires from the County. Jerry seconded. Motion carried unanimously. It is noted these tires can be installed in the bookmobile garage with no loss of road time and at a lower cost by Chris Leupp. 
Diana asked the board to be considering what action they wish to take for the aging furnace and air conditioner at the Shipshewana Branch. She has a quote from Masters of $1,391.04 for repairs to the present furnace, and $2,650 for a new 95% energy efficient furnace. Because of the age of the air conditioner, Masters also presented a quote to replace both the furnace and air conditioner for $4,900.  However, that quote for $4,900 is for a current promotion through Masters and she does not know how long that promotion will last. The Board will continue discussion on this at the April Board meeting.                                                           
Amanda informed the board she is working on establishing an Outreach Program with the Council on Aging.
Diane moved to adjourn. Susan seconded. Motion carried unanimously. 
No other items were discussed.                     
Board Minutes and Agenda