LaGrange County Public Library eReader Loan Agreement
I have read the LaGrange County Public Library’s eReader Borrowing Policy and hereby:
·        understand that I must have the LaGrange County Public Library as my home library, be at least 18 years of age, have a library card in good standing, and I must give the staff member a valid Driver’s License or State ID (with my correct address on it) to copy if I borrow a eReader;
·        understand that the length of checkout for the eReader is 3 weeks;
·        agree to not allow anyone else to borrow or use the eReader or allow children to play with the eReader;
·        agree to return the eReader with all the cords & accessories given to me at the time of checkout;
·        agree to pay overdue fines of $.25 per day if I do not return the eReader on time, and understand that I will be billed the $200.00 replacement cost for the eReader if I fail to return it;
·        agree to be cautious with the eReader and keep directly away from any water or liquids and will return the eReader to a checkout desk in the condition I borrowed it in;
·        understand that I cannot return the eReader to the drop box but must return it directly to a checkout desk, and that I will be billed a minimum of $25.00 up to the full price of the eReader for any instances that I return it in the drop box;
·        understand that if I return the eReader, or any of the borrowed cords or accessories, damaged I will be charged a fee for the damages up to the replacement price ($200.00) of the item(s);
·        understand that if I do not follow any of the above stipulations my eReader borrowing privileges may be revoked.     
By initialing I understand that I am verifying receipt of each item below:
____________ eReader             __________  USB Cable
____________ eReader Case    __________  Power Adaptor
I have read and agree to abide by the LaGrange County Public Library eReader Borrowing Policy. I also understand that if I do not abide by the policy I will no longer be allowed eReader borrowing privileges.
______________________                       _______________________        ___________
Printed Name                                                Signature                                           Date
This form must be signed in the presence of a
Staff member at the Main Circulation Desk. 
Staff Check-out Procedure:
____ Reader is functional at the time of check-out           
____ All parts are in the bag (eReader, case, USB cable, power adapter)
____ Reader is fully charged at the time of check-out  
____ Confirm patron is a LCPL patron
____ Copy I.D.
____ Attach I.D. copy to form
Staff Member ___________________________                 Date _________________
Staff Check-in Procedure:
____ Reader is functional at the time of check-in
____ Reader has all parts present at the time of check-in
                   ___ eReader   ___case   ___ USB cable   ___ power adapter
____ Reader and all accessories are in good condition
____ Reader was returned a circulation desk and not in drop box
____ If any damages occurred, fine(s) placed on patrons account and comments recorded below:
Comments: _________________________________________________________________
Staff Member _______________________________  Date ________________
Written 10/04/2013