July 20, 2017 @ 5:30 p.m.

Shipshewana Branch, Shipshwana Indiana

Susan Burger             Jerry White               Martin Franke          Kim Dunkel

Diane Cameron          Jody Blake                Richard Kuster       Anna Mendoza           Jayne Merriman        Vickie Short                          

                                Absent: Bob Shanahan

Guests:  Eva White

Minutes: Martin moved to accept the minutes of June 15, 2017 as presented. Susan seconded. Motion carried unanimously.   (See attached) 

Director’s Report: 2018 Budget: Richard stated the budget workshop will be held at the County Office building August 11, @9:30 am. He presented a spread sheet of 2017 Revenue Sources for the board to review. Noted a 4% increase for the 2018 budget was appropriated. The September board meeting is the budget hearing; October meeting; the Budget Resolution adopted.

Insurance Policies: Stated the present carrier, Cincinnati no longer exists, and that 3 year policy will need replaced. Sandy Ringler will provide quotes for another carrier. After board discussion, Richard was asked to acquire quotes from Hostetler Ins.; Yoder Ins.; Howe-LaGrange In; and Steven Ball Ins. and invite them to the next board meeting August 17th to present those quotes. Discussion followed on the amount of coverage needed for all branches, buildings, contents,

Liability, etc. and it was determined to increase the coverage. Diane asked about the physical asset inventory. Richard stated it almost complete. Diane noted to have it complete for review before the new insurance amount is determined.

LaGrange Parking Lot: Richard explained the library parking lot has never been sealed and needs to be re striped to increase the parking spaces from 7 to 10. He presented a quote from Asphalt Sealcoat & patching of $493. for sealer, and $450. for 3 additional cement bumper stops and stripping. (See attached) Jerry moved to proceed with this project. Kim seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Payroll Modifications: Advised the board, payroll is now determined semi monthly, the 15th and 30th. He suggests changing that to bi- weekly. After discussion, Martin moved to approve the change. Jerry seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

ALA Disaster Planning Workshop: Richard attended this workshop and is investigating the possibility of the library being available in case of a disaster.

A disaster workshop is being planned with Stewart Bender of the Disaster Preparedness Committee.

Statistical Report: After review of circulation and reports, Richard made note of the open house for 9 Amish schools at the Topeka Branch this coming Saturday, to review books on display for circulation via the bookmobile for schools not serviced at present.

Staffing Report:  No changes.

Library Website Update: None

Reports and Claims: After review Jerry moved to pay claims 25487-25561 EE 25690-15756 in the amount of $690,696.27. Jody seconded. Motion carried unanimously. (Note Debt Interest Payment for bonds)

Richard presented a job description for board treasure which Jerry suggested be presented to the personnel Committee for review.

Other Business: Shipshewana Branch landscaping was discussed. Suggestions made were new hitching posts, concrete for parking lot, samples of library sign,

a second quote be acquired for landscaping, after review of one received.                                                                                                                              

The board decided to adjourn and view the area in question.

Kim moved to adjourn. Susan seconded. Motion carried unanimously.