January 19, 2017 @ 5:30 p.m.

LaGrange County Public Library

203 W. Spring, LaGrange IN.

        Martin Franke    Kim Dunkel      Diane Cameron     Susan Burger  

           Jerry White     Bob Shanahan       Jody Blake      Richard Kuster                           

                        Anna Mendoza                              Jayne Merriman


Guests: Kitty Helmkamp, Bill Eberhard: Attorney, Rich Starkey: Barnes & Thornburg, Pooja Shrestha: Umbaugh Associates


Diane called the meeting to order @ 5:30 p.


Election of Officers: Jerry moved to retain all present officers. Martin seconded.

Motion carried unanimously.


Martin moved to accept the minutes of December 15, 2016 as corrected. (See attached) Jerry seconded. Motion carried unanimously.


Bill Eberhard introduced Rich Starkey from Barnes & Thornberg. He informed the board of three options available to restructure the library’s outstanding bonds to allow the sale of said bonds, to lower debt services. After questions and discussion, Jerry moved to authorize Richard to engage Rich as bond council. Bob seconded. Motion carried unanimously. Jerry moved to accept and sign Resolution 2017-01-19 as presented. (See attached) Bob seconded. Motion carried unanimously. Rich stated they will proceed with the Farmers State Bank and he will publish this. He expects this matter will close mid to late February.


Director’s Report: Richard asked for approval to renew the ENA Communications Contract for telephone service for all branches at $479.89 a month. Jerry moved to have Richard sign this contract. Martin seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Havel Maintenance Contract: After review of same, Martin moved to extend this contract for 6 months, July thru December 2017 at the same price of $4710. Jody seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Chester IT Contract: This contract was reviewed and discussed. It was noted the IT person is available in person and by phone and some issues can be handled

quickly. Bob moved to continue this contract at $775.00 a month. Kim seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Staffing- Richard noted Sarah Bard has been hired full time as Children’s Director.

Full time employee evaluations are complete, and part time will be soon.

Discussion followed on evaluations for Director and Assistant Director and the board suggested this matter should go to the Personnel Committee.

The personnel committee will also address the retro salary for the library treasurer. Richard noted Jody and Kim have been reappointed to the board for another four years and the paper work has been officially completed.

Statistical Report: Richard noted he is studying this to determine where things can be improved for the library.

Financial Report: Discussion followed as to the $413,908.45 in the Construction Fund could be used toward the bonds with approval of budget funds.


Claims: Bob moved to pay claims EE 399-527 Checks 25155-25188 for December

2016, in the amount of $297,439.32. (Bond payment included) Jerry seconded. Motion carried unanimously.


Board committees will be determined at the next meeting. There were no meetings in December.


It was noted everything has been completed at the Shipshewana Branch except for the new circulation desk.


Jody moved to adjourn. Susan seconded. Motion carried unanimously.