June 19, 2014 @ 5:30 p.m.

LAGRANE COUNTY LIBRARY 203 W. Spring St. LaGrange, IN 46761


Martin Franke    Jerry White    Sue Pipher    Susan Burger    Diana Randall

            Bob Shanahan      Jody Blake       Diane Cameron     Abby Harris-Correll    Kitty Helmkamp    Jayne Merriman



Martin called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.
Diana asked the agenda be amended to allow representatives from Havel address the board on their HVAC preventative maintenance quote. Diane told the Board she had invited all four companies submitting quotes to speak to the Board but Havel was the only company to attend the meeting.  (See attached) Also, Kitty asked to address the Board about the bookmobile. Sue P. moved to approve the amendment. Susan B. seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
Review Approval of Minutes: Diane moved to accept the minutes of May 15, 2014 as presented. Bob seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.
Director’s Report: (See attached) Diana presented a thank you to the board from Mr. and Mrs. Earl Shirar. Noted, Abby has completed her MLS and her salary has been adjusted as approved.
Erin Hall and Tony Ashley, representative from Havel, explained the companies HVAC preventative maintenance proposal for the Main Library, Topeka and Shipshewana branches and the services that would be rendered. Their proposal was based on the “request for proposal” submitted to 5 companies by the Facilities committee and Diana. (See attached) Questions and discussion followed.
Reports & Claims: Diane questioned the expenditure to Pranger for $3,151.21. Diana explained to the Board that the invoice from Pranger, totaling $3,151.21 was for assisting the Library during the winter when the infrared heater in the garage failed and the pipes froze. Diana noted $2,151.21 in insurance coverage has been received for damages at the library from The Hartford Insurance Company, and the Library was responsible for the $1000 deductible which was the remainder of the bill. The payment of the $1000 deductible was approved by the Board at the May meeting.  Sue P. moved to pay claims 254-318 for May in the amount of $78,101.25. Jody seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
Personnel Committee Report: None
Facilities Report: Jerry noted some leaf guard in the gutters was removed. Diana noted in a “very hard rain” the overflow of water from these roof areas was slightly improved. It was decided not to remove all leaf guard until which time it can be viewed in a “steady rain”. Diana noted a quote from L. A. Electric on heat tape for the gutters should be received by the next meeting. Jerry stated there has been no decision from the Commissioning Agent concerning Air Handler 3 and 5 issues at this time. A report will be forthcoming.
Policy Committee Report: None
Correspondence: None
Other Business: Diana reported that the second insurance claim submitted to The Harford Ins. Co. for damage inside the Library due to ice dams last winter was rejected. After discussion, the Board requested that Diana resubmit the claim again. Kitty asked the Board to consider getting quotes to replace the carpet in the bookmobile with high quality linoleum as carpet is difficult to keep clean. Replacing the carpet with linoleum within a year or two had been discussed when the bookmobile was purchased in 2012. After discussion, Sue P. moved that Kitty obtain 3 quotes and present them at the next meeting. Motion carried unanimously.
New Business: The Board discussed the HVAC preventative maintenance proposals from Masters Heating & Cooling; Current Mechanical; TCS Heating as well as Havel. (See attached)
All proposals were based on the “Request for Proposal” submitted by Diana and the facilities committee. (See attached) Following a lengthy discussion, Sue P. moved the Board study the preventative maintenance proposals over the next month and resume discussion at the July meeting. Bob seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
Sue P. moved to adjourn. Jody seconded. Motion carried unanimously. 
No other items were discussed.
Board Minutes and Agenda