May 18, 2017 @ 5:30 p.m.

LaGrange County Public Library

203 W. Spring, LaGrange IN.

        Martin Franke     Diane Cameron  Susan Burger  Jody Blake  

           Kim Dunkel    Jerry White  Richard Kuster  Anna Mendoza  Jayne Merriman

           Absent:  Bob Shanahan       

                    Guests:  Johnnetta Brown   Christine Thompson  Kitty Helmkamp  Lisa Tjarks

Diane called the meeting to order @ 5:35 p.m.

Minutes: Martin moved to accept the minutes of April 20, 2017 as corrected.  Susan seconded. Motion carried unanimously. (See attached)

Director’s Report: Richard handed out the new LaGrange County Community Guide in which the Library purchased an ad in the amount of $225.00.

InfoExpress Service Renewal: This is a courier service provided by the Indiana State Library. Materials for circulation between Evergreen Libraries are picked and delivered each week. Due to the increase in volume, over 11,000 items for our library system, we need to increase our contract from 3 to 5 days a week. This entails an increase from $925.00 to $2,175.00. After discussion, Jody moved to approve the new contract. Susan seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

ThyssenKrupp-Elevator Maintenance Contract: Richard stated this contract normally goes up about 3% each year. He and Anna stated the service from this company has been very reliable, and come quickly when called. Jerry moved to accept this contract in the amount of $2,777.96. (Was $2,685.32) Martin seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Nordic Energy Services proposal: Richard stated he has one more form to send in before any action takes place to receive natural gas from this company.

Vacation of Church Alley: Reported the vacation of the alley was rejected by the town, due to pipe obstruction.

Martin inquired about date of renewal on Library insurance from Silveus. Richard noted it will expire at the end of this year.

Playaway Day: Reported one half of the collection circulated right away. Batteries and ear buds were rejected by the patrons, wanting to use their own.

New Grant Proposal: Richard has not heard from the Dekko Foundation as yet.

Discussion followed due to the need to begin ordering books, and tubs, cataloging the books, to begin this new rotation for Amish schools for circulation in the fall by the bookmobile. Kitty laid out a plan on how she would proceed so teachers could review the books to be transferred before circulated. Jerry moved to authorize $27,000.00  from the Rainy Day Fund for this project. Kim seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Friends Book Sale: No figures are in from the sale, but went well. There will be another sale in the fall.

Staffing Report-New Hire: After 7 interviews, Steve Royal was hired part time and is training to work at the Shipshewana Branch.

Library Website Update: Anna presented the changes made so far on the website, stating it is a work in progress.

Statistical Report: Was reviewed.

Reports and Claims: Jerry moved to pay claims EE25537-25598 and checks 25382-25436 in the amount of $90,682.85, which includes an EE gift fund expenditure of $85.59. Martin seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Personnel Committee Report: None

Facilities Report: Committee will meet after the board meeting.

Policy Committee Report: Jody presented a draft of changes to board members for their review. She asked the board to respond and they will be voted on at the next meeting if the board agrees with the committee’s recommendations.

No Other Business or new Business.

Jody moved to adjourn. Susan seconded. Motion carried unanimously.