April 20, 2017 @ 5:30 p.m.

LaGrange County Public Library

203 W. Spring, LaGrange IN.

                                              Martin Franke   Diane Cameron  Susan Burger  Jody Blake                                                

                   Richard Kuster  Anna Mendoza  Jayne Merriman

Absent:  Jerry White  Bob Shanahan  Kim Dunkel

Guests:  Johnnetta Brown   Christine Thompson  Kitty Helmkamp  Lisa Tjarks


Diane called the meeting to order @ 5:35 p.m.

Minutes: Martin moved to accept the minutes of March 16, 2017 as corrected.  Jody seconded. Motion carried unanimously. (See attached)

Director’s Report: Richard reported that the Shipshewana Branch has issues with carpenter ants. He contacted ACE for advice and prices. They will do a onetime application for $150.00.

Simples Grinnell Contracts: Previously there were five separate contracts with this company for servicing the fire alarms, sprinkler system, and smoke detectors at LaGrange and Topeka. He has combined these contracts into one for a period of 3 years at the amount of $5,143.47 per year. (Same price as before) and needs authority to sign said contract. Jody so moved. Susan seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Nordic Energy Services Proposal: This Company provides gas for heating, such as

NIPSCO does at present. The representative explained the difference in pricing of therms.  Richard contacted the County superintendent of the two County buildings who has changed to Nordic, for consultation. After questions and discussion by the board, Martin moved to accept the change in providers for LaGrange and Topeka.  Susan seconded. Motion carried unanimously

Vacation of Church Alley: It was noted the Methodist Church wants the whole alley, but due to a pipe issue under the driveway, it is doubtful the city will allow it.  This issue is in the hands of the library lawyer, and until he hears from the city, no action is required at present.

Strategic Plan Summary: Richard reviewed survey totals submitted by the public.

Discussion followed on number of participants responding, whether this should 

be on going, locations to be included.

Technology Plan: Richard and Anna stated, a plan will be submitted at the next board meeting, as they are working on it.

Playaway Day: Richard and staff presented to the board a plan for circulation of small, hand held, self contained audio books that run by battery. They can be used with ear plugs, or plugged into a car radio. Discussion on how circulation is conducted followed.

New Grant Proposal: Richard reported he has submitted the grant to Dekko who is considering it. This would be to provide an outreach program to some 9 Amish schools in outlining areas with tubs of books to rotate.

Library Website: Is still in the process of rebuilding, and will be reported when finished.

Staffing Report: Interviews are being conducted for a position on the bookmobile.

The previous employee accepted full time employment elsewhere.

Statistical Report: Richard noted the Friends Book Sale May 11. Children’s programs attendance growing.

Richard presented each member with Code of Ethics from Evergreen to be read and signed and returned.

Personnel Committee: A Personnel file for each employee was discussed. The committee plans on meeting every second Thursday at 5p.m. once a month.

Reports and Claims: Were reviewed by the board. Martin moved to pay EE-25475-25536 and Checks 25310-25381 for March in the sum of $786,044.26. Susan seconded. Motion carried unanimously. (Bond payment included)

Policy Committee: Jody stated the review is ongoing. Any changes will be sent to Richard for review, he then will send them to rest of board members.

Other business: Water drainage at the Shipshewana Branch was discussed.

Correspondence to the board: None

New Business: None

Jody moved to adjourn. Susan seconded. Motion carried unanimously.