March 16, 2017 @ 5:30 p.m.

LaGrange County Public Library

203 W. Spring, LaGrange IN.

        Martin Franke    Kim Dunkel      Diane Cameron     Susan Burger  

           Jerry White     Bob Shanahan       Jody Blake      Richard Kuster                           

                        Anna Mendoza                              Jayne Merriman


Guests: Jenna Anderson      Johnnetta Brown    Christine Thompson

Stacy Merrifield       Kerry Sprunger


Diane called the meeting to order @ 5:30 p.


Minutes: Kim moved to accept the minutes of February 16, 2017 as presented.

Susan seconded. Motion carried unanimously. (See attached)


Director’s Report; Richard stated as of last Wednesday pervious bonds were paid, and then purchased by the Farmers State Bank at 3.04% interest. They will expire in 2029. This restructuring of the bonds will save the library $700,000, possibly more as interest rates have taken an increase recently.

Havel Repair Proposal: Richard explained the repairs needed for the library heating system. There was a hole in the bottom of the compressor causing damage to other parts. After study and discussion, Bob moved to accept the Havel Quotation for the sum of $6,217.90. Martin seconded. Motion carried unanimously. (See attached)

RFID Tags: These tags are for materials checked out of the library for the security system. Jerry moved to accept the quote from bibliotheca of $1219.50 for 6 thousand tags. Bob seconded. Motion carried unanimously. (See attached)

Staffing Report: No changes.

Statistical Report: Bookmobile circulation increased.

Strategic Plan Summary: Richard presented the Board his summary and priorities.

New Grant Proposal: Richard asked for approval to write a grant to the Dekko Foundation for $27,000. to move forward on a new project for the bookmobile if approved. At present the bookmobile has 87 stops which leaves no time to add additional stops. The plan devised is to accommodate more Amish schools, would be to purchase 1,500 books, plastic tubs, van delivery by employees, for 9 Amish schools, rotated from school to school once a month. After questions and discussion, Bob moved to authorize Richard to apply for the grant. Sue seconded. Motion carried unanimously.


Library Website: Jenna Anderson stated the old website has been taken down, and she now is rebuilding it from a program Concrete5 for $38.00. She is looking for suggestions on what the library wants on the site.

Facilities Committee: Richard stated Bill Eberhard, library attorney informed him a document has been prepared by him and another by the Methodist Church lawyer, to be signed for the purpose of deeding the northerly section of property to the church. Jerry moved to approve the signing. Jody seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Policy Committee Report: Bob questioned what the procedure is now for employees having grievances at the library. Diane stated the personnel committee met with Richard to discuss goals for the library and noted their suggestions, such as, 1-More meetings with department heads. 2-“All staff meetings” every 6 months. 3-Employees may ask for an interview with the entire board after a private meeting with the Director, if necessary. 4- The Board to be informed of changes for the library being considered prior to a final decision.  5-Asked the Director to be more visual to employees and patrons of the library. The committee will meet again for review.

Correspondence: None

Other Business: Kim informed the board, The Construction Fund account has been closed of $414,157.97 and $198,842.03 taken from the LIRF Fund and the total $613,000.00 deposited in an Escrow account at the Farmers State Bank.

Claims: Bob moved to pay electronic EE25416-25474 checks 25262-25309 for February in the amount of $80,860.74. Jerry seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Jerry moved to postpone the Church parking lot issue. Martin seconded. Motion carried unanimously.


Jody moved to adjourn. Kim seconded. Motion carried unanimously.