February 16, 2017 @ 5:30 p.m.

LaGrange County Public Library

203 W. Spring LaGrange, Indiana

        Martin Franke    Kim Dunkel      Diane Cameron     Susan Burger   Jody Blake

           Richard Kuster          Anna Mendoza                  Jayne Merriman          


                    Absent:      Jerry White     Bob Shanahan            


Guests: Kitty Helmkamp   George Mason  Larry Dickinson  Jane Smith

Chris Lantz    Christine Thompson Dustin Glick  Johnnetta Brown


Diane called the meeting to order @ 5:30 p.


Dustin Glick from Eberhard & Weimer, stated the process of restructuring of the bonds is in the final stages. The purpose of which was explained to save the library money and was approved 2-13-17. Martin moved to wave a second reading of the LaGrange County Public Appropriation Resolution. Jody seconded. Motion carried unanimously. Jody moved to approve the resolution. Susan seconded. Motion carried unanimously. There were no public comments.


Larry Dickinson from the LaGrange Methodist Church presented drawings of the restructuring of the church parking lot which adjoins the library parking lot. (See attached).The board adjourned to view the area to help determine property lines and how changes might affect the library parking lot. After reconvening, questions and discussion followed. Diane then stated the full library board will read and study the plan, and discuss it at their next meeting.


Director’s Report: Martin asked Richard if there is any vehicle to determine what library materials to get rid of. Richard stated a “Collection Development Policy” is used.

Companion Life Insurance: Richard asked the board what their wishes are on continuing this policy. Full time employees only, at $33.39 per month for $25,000. life time coverage. After discussion, Martin moved to continue this policy. Kim seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

Statistical Report: Richard noted a 1.8% increase in book circulation last month and decrease in DVD’s. The bookmobile circulation was up 7%.

Budget Order: State of Indiana Department of Local Government Finance 2017 Budget Order was discussed and approved. There were no comments from the public.

Financial Report: Richard stated a Resolution is needed to Authorize Electronic Transfer of Funds, for the IOI and payroll. (See attached) Jody moved to sign the resolution. Susan seconded. Motion carried unanimously.

State Report & Survey: Was reviewed by Richard for the board. (See attached)

An instrument of strategic planning of the Mission of the LaGrange County Public Library.

Asset Inventory: Richard noted he is working towards updating the Libraries asset inventory.

Accounting Review: Discussion on the need for consulting an accountant to review what issues the library needs to do, to comply with State regulation. Martin then moved to authorize up to $1000. in fees to determine the correct procedures. Jody second. Motion carried unanimously.


Report and Claims: Jody moved to pay claims EE 25324-25387 and checks 25189-25261 in the amount of $120,967.78 for January 2017. Martin seconded. Motion carried unanimously.


Facilities, Policy reports: None


Correspondence Report: After review Martin moved to approve $1357.88 for software updates from Libarica LLC. Jody seconded. Motion carried unanimously.


Other Business: The pay scale for the library treasurer was discussed. Jody then moved to pay $15.00 an hour for two or three hours a week of work. Martin seconded. Motion carried unanimously. Anna was asked to compile a job description for the treasurer.


Also discussed and accepted by the board was to have the board meeting packet e-mailed to them before a meeting in timely fashion. Also, a need for review of safety issues for staff is needed, and a need for more information on the drain plan of the Church parking lot.


Jody moved to adjourn, Susan seconded. Motion carried unanimously.