LaGrange County Public Library 
Board of Finance Annual Meeting
 January 23, 2014 
203 W. Spring St. LaGrange, IN 46761
Diana Randall     Susan Burger     Bob Shanahan   Diane Cameron   Martin Franke    Jody Blake
              Kitty Helmkamp                      Amber Taylor                Jayne Merriman
Bob called the Board of Finance Annual Meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.
Martin nominated Diane as president. Motion carried unanimously.
Diane nominated Susan for Secretary. Motion carried unanimously.
Amber Taylor reviewed the fund balances and investments of the library for the board. There were no questions from the board. Amber informed the board a financial statement for the library will be published in the LaGrange News paper before February 28, 2014.
 Diane moved to adjourn and Susan seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
LaGrange County Public Library Public Meeting
Thursday January 23, 2014 @5:45 p.m.
Bob called the meeting to order at 5:45 p.m.
Election of Officers: Bob nominated Martin Franke for president. Motion carried unanimously.
                                       Bob nominated Diane Cameron as Vice President. Motion carried unanimously.
                                       Martin nominated Bob Shanahan as Secretary. Motion carried unanimously.
                                       Martin nominated Jayne Merriman as acting secretary. Motion carried unanimously.
Review Approval of Minutes: Diane approved the minutes of December 19, 2013. Diane motioned to amend date of January Board meeting on agenda from January 16 to 23 due to meeting cancellation. Jody seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.  
Director’s Report: Diana reviewed her report for the board, and explained how a new computer program allows staff to enter their working hours; thereby saving many hours spent doing it manually.
Bob questioned this procedure and discussion followed. Bob made the suggestion that Angela look into the cost of installing a computer clock system, where employees can clock in and out. Diana stated they will research the matter.
Transfer of funds: Diana reviewed for the board the need for transfers. (See attached) Diane moved to approve these five transfers as presented. Susan seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
Reports and Claims: Jody moved to pay claims 790-854 for December 2013 in the amount of $301,680.76 (due to Debt Services). Diane seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
Personnel Committee Report: None
Facilities Report: Diana informed the board that due to the extreme winter weather conditions of snow and below normal temperature earlier in the month, several facilities issues occurred at the Main library; 1-a transformer in the Infra-red heater in the garage went out (a short is suspected), causing the temperature to drop;  2-frozen sprinkler system pipes in garage and a leak; frozen water pipes in garage; 3-leaks also occurred inside the building in the circulation area and on fourth floor (suspected cause roof  ice damming); 4-air handler unit 3 not providing heat. She stated she contacted the necessary contractors who came and made most of the repairs. Some invoices have been received for these repairs, and she has met with the adjuster from Hanover Insurance. Due to Shawnee Construction not able to assess roof until warmer weather, she cannot assess that portion of the claim at this time.  She also reported the windshield of the bookmobile has a stress crack and will need to be replaced. Discussion followed. The board learned with the deductible on the insurance, the library will pay outright for replacement of the windshield. Two suggestions were made, 1-Is it possible to have an alarm system that could warn of problems with the infra-red heater; 2-Is it possible to hire a HVAC preventative maintenance person part time (20 hours a week).
Policy Report: None
Correspondence to the Board: None
Other Business: Diana stated Cory is working on a schedule for a 16 hour course for HVAC training of software which she, Abby, Bob and possibly Jerry will attend. Made the board aware of the information, Indiana Governor, Mike Pence is suggesting the phasing out the state’s business personal property tax. This could result in significant loss of funds to the library and the County.
Adjourn: Jody moved to adjourn. Susan seconded. Motion carried unanimously.
Board Minutes and Agenda